My take on WikiLeaks, Julian Assange and Bradley Manning.

Truth be told, I don’t get the fuss and awe on Julian Assange. All of the sudden he has become some new paladin for the First Amendment after his equally stupid earlier elevation as mastermind enemy of the United States. He is clearly neither but just some guy which gets info sent by pissed off, low level apparatchik employees and he just posts them out in his defunct site with the standard left wing anti USA commentary. And for an Aussie, the guy is quite pale, he looks like a reject from the movie Twilight. Clearly he spends way too much time under neon lights and not enough under the sun capturing vitamin D.

PFC Bradly Manning clearly broke the law and violated his oath to his fellow soldiers. He is probably a spoiled child that was mad nobody recognized his value and smartness so he took it on himself to teach a lesson by stealing State Department memos and a some military info and pass it along to Assange. He’ll probably get his comeuppance and be somebody’s bitch a Leavenworth for a long long time.

However, the State Department continues to be a haven for the Idiots running at full inefficiency. More attuned to the interest of the UN and the rest of the world instead of taking care of the business of the United States, the State Department commands an absolute lack of respect from any other government operation that deals with threats from enemies of the US abroad. That their tons of documents were unsecured in servers where a mere PFC could just download and email to an cheap Aussie cyber peddler bring out the conceit they have for themselves and the lack of respect that they have for the Nation. But do not expect to see any State Department heads rolling any time soon. It does not matter how big they screw up, they always manage to assure themselves a pass.

At the end, the people really responsible for this leak will never be indicted. They will just get a raise and sent to a plush job somewhere in Paris paid by the taxpayer. And everybody will save face and live happily ever after.

Man swallows a bag of cocaine…

From MetroWest Daily News:

“He made a quick movement to the center console, and there was small baggie with a white powder in it,” Brandolini said. “He immediately made a movement to put it in his mouth…He made a quick movement to the center console, and there was small baggie with a white powder in it,” Brandolini said. “He immediately made a movement to put it in his mouth.”

.. yep, you can tell.

A South Floridian’s Guide to Summertime Wind.

Wind Speeds between:

00 mph to 10 mph: Stagnant.

11 mph to 25 mph: Very light breeze.

26 mph to 45 mph: ” ‘Bout time we had a bit of wind.”

46 mph to 60 mph: “Maria, get the parrots inside the house and wear a helmet, coconuts might be flying.”

61 mph to 73 mph: “Hey! Check with Channel 7 see if we have a hurricane coming.”

74 mph to 95 mph (Cat One Hurricane): “Should we install the hurricane panels? Nah! Let’s do some grocery shopping just in case.”

96 mph to 110 mph (Cat Two Hurricane): “OK, BBQ grill goes in the Living room, generator goes in the small bathroom, the dog goes in the bedroom and your mother stays on the porch.”

111 mph to 130 mph (Cat Three Hurricane): “Evacuate where? the whole state is in the path of the Hurricane. Let’s party!”

131 mph to 155 mph (Cat Four Hurricane): “Don’t worry about the roof. We have tarps, ammo and it never rains after a hurricane anyway.”

156 mph and up (Cat Five Hurricane): It must be blowing hard. I think I just saw Fidel Castro flying by.”