Sex-ed teacher out at Dalton after ‘masturbation’ lesson for first graders

A teacher who taught controversial sex-education classes that included cartoon videos on masturbation for first graders at the posh Dalton School has resigned, The Post has learned.

Justine Ang Fonte, who also taught a one-day workshop on “porn literacy” to juniors at Columbia Grammar & Prep School last month that angered some parents, will not return to the school next year, according to an email Dalton’s head of school, Jim Best, sen to parents Friday. Best also will not be returning to Dalton next year.

“Throughout her tenure at Dalton, Justine Ang Fonte has helped to develop an exemplary K-12 Health and Wellness program. Dalton — our faculty, staff, administration, and trustees — continue to stand firmly behind this program and those who teach it,”

Last fall, Dalton parents, who fork over $55,000 per year for their kids’ tuition, learned that their first-graders were being taught sex-ed lessons that included cartoons showing little kids talking about “touching themselves” for pleasure.

Fonte also angered parents of juniors at another elite NYC private school, Columbia Grammar & Prep, with a workshop she gave May 5.

The often-explicit slide presentation and lecture by Fonte to the 120 boys and girls included lessons on how porn takes care of “three big male vulnerabilities”; statistics on the “orgasm gap” showing straight women have far fewer orgasms with their partners than gay men or women; and photos of partially-nude women, some in bondage, to analyze “what is porn and what is art.”

One part of the porn presentation involved something called the “marketability of Only Fans,” the hot new app used mostly for sex work. One slide included a photo of a pretty young woman who appeared to be promoting OnlyFans-type work.

This is one of her pictures from social media.


Note the word “disrupting.”

Disrupt/disrupting/disruption is a piece of jargon straight out of critical theory (the parent ideology for things like critical race theory, queer theory, etc.).

One of the central occupations of Critical Theory and Critical Social Justice is “disruption,” along with “dismantling.” What it means by “disrupting” is disrupting the systems of power, dominance, and oppression that it believes characterize our current system (broadly, the liberal order and Enlightenment rationalism—see also, science, truth, meritocracy, individualism, and objectivity). 

Disruption is a proximate but not final goal for Critical Theories. It is what one is expected to do to interrupt that which creates, maintains, or legitimates systems of oppression in the moment (again, as Critical Theorists see things).

In this case, the Woke assumption is that traditional sex education is oppressive, hetero and cis-normative, racist, and all sorts of other things that uphold traditional Western sexual norms.

Which, I actually think, it should do.

Progressive sexual norms have resulted in societal decay due to rampant out-of-wedlock births, the social contagion of teen gender confusion and the depression and suicide rates that accompany it, dating and marriage replaced with hookup culture and the depression and substance abuse that comes with it, and an attempt at normalizing pedophilia.

The proponents of critical theory and Woke Progressivism openly state that they want to destroy the nuclear family because it’s oppressive.

In this case, a teacher got into a school and taught this evil Woke perversion to students.

Make no mistake, the purpose of teaching first-graders about masturbation (I feel dirty just typing that out) is to normalize little kids talking to adults about sexual behaviors.  This is grooming.

Then she teaches high school juniors (age 16-17) about how to sell themselves on OnlyFans.

They fired this one teacher.  Unfortunately, this hydra has many heads.

Going into an elementary school and talking to kids about sex like this or encouraging teens to do OnlyFans is a sickness and Dr. Woodchipper is the cure.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Paging Dr. Woodchipper”
  1. Most of these people think they’re going to win, in their lifetime, in fact in relatively short order.

    I wonder what they envision they’ll do with themselves after they’ve destroyed everything.

  2. People like this used to be put in jail for displaying or distributing pornographic material to minors. But since our school boards, law enforcement, courts, and politicians not only refuse to prosecute, but actively encourage, such disgusting behavior then wood chippers may really be the only option left.

    1. Oh, I dunno. I wonder if the phrase “minute of angle” might have some utility in this conversation?

  3. I don’t think she was fired. The announcement certainly suggests something very different, given that the school bureaucrats explicitly state that they support her work.

    You’ve got to wonder about people who continue to send kids and money to this school. Then again, I also wonder about Jews or gun owners who vote Democrat.

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