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37 thoughts on ““People who live outside NYC…””
  1. She just described the bare minimum found at every gas station convenience store. I will see his diet coke and paper towels and raise him some fried chicken, black eyed peas and buttermilk pie.

    1. I’ll see your fried chicken and raise you an all-beef chili dog, pepperoni pizza, soda fountain, fresh coffee, and a car wash.

    2. She just described the bare minimum found at every gas station convenience store.

      My thoughts exactly.

      Around here, half the convenience stores are stand-alone shops — it doesn’t even need to be a gas station — and there’s one about every quarter-mile, including a few in residential areas where a home-owner converted the front of their house into a fully-functioning store and paved the yard for parking.

    3. Yeah I saw this tweet the other day. There’s no way they don’t know what any gas station has, especially nowadays with the gigantic WaWa’s and Sheetz. They’re practically a small restaurant/grocery store.

      1. What Eric Wilner said. It never ceases to amaze me what an ostensible adult — particularly but not exclusively, an urban-dweller who never had to learn to drive — doesn’t know about what the rest of us consider “everyday life”.

        We all saw AOC’s reaction when she got her quarters in D.C. … complete with a garbage disposal in the kitchen sink. She’d never seen one, none of her apartments in NYC had them, and she had to ask her Twitter following what the heck this noisy thing in the sink was. (As I understand, most NYC apartment infrastructure runs on century-old pipes which wouldn’t be able to handle the solid waste, and so most apartments can’t have them.)

        Half of America ridiculed her for that ignorance — not wrongly, especially since she’s an elected representative and should have some life experience — but the reality is, a lot of born-and-raised urbanites really haven’t seen what life is like outside “the city” and are shocked — shocked! — to discover that not only do we have everything they have (often better), we have some things they don’t.

        1. They are utterly clueless about life outside their bubble, and they also want to dictate the smallest details of how those outside their bubble should live.

  2. That’s the problem with your average Metro NY dweller.

    They seriously believe civilization ceases to exist on the other side of the bridge. Yes, they will acknowledge that other cities exist, mainly because they have professional sports teams, but aside from that…??? Nothing but wastelands filled with rednecks that are dating their cousins.

    Speaking of a former NYer here. It is amazing how there IS life outside of the NYC bubble…

  3. um, the rest of us have gas stations that have this little convenience store attached to it … because, we also need gas for the vehicles we drive, too.

    But generally, I don’t go anywhere for “2 diet cokes and a role of paper towels and a snack bag(I’m assuming size) of M&M’s” because it is always more financially sound to walk into the grocery store in the same parking as the gas station lot to buy a case of soda, an 8 pack of paper towels(double roles of course), and a party size bag of M&M. That way when I want the same thing tomorrow, it’s already there. Also, the markup at a convenience store is near criminal.

  4. Don’t forget to add “and Bait.”

    Plus, I don’t know about NYC, but there’s a Dollar General about every 3 miles or so down here, and you can get all that stuff and more. DG is the kudzu of retail stores.

  5. Dude… I literally work at a Seven-Eleven.

    Ya’ll New Yorkers need to get off your little island more than once a decade (and no, a weekend at your mom’s place on Long Island doesn’t count).

    1. @Ish: Are you from India?😉

      Seriously, I was going to say: CVS, Walgreen’s, 7-11, Quik Stop……

      Is such ignorance treatable?

      1. Nope, I’m the token “white guy.” The store is owned by a pair of brothers from Yemen (who are probably the best bosses I have ever worked for) and every other member of the staff is a black woman, ranging in age from mid-twenties to late-fifties.

        It’s a pretty easy gig, one or two shifts each week (maybe three during peak seasons), mostly spent manning the cash register and restocking the occasional shelf. It’s also only about five blocks from my house. Brings in an extra $100-200 bucks a week and the owners are really generous with bonuses. I’ve been here five years and even if I do land a full-time management position at my other job, I have zero plans to give this one up.

  6. I hauled in & out of the Washington/Baltimore/NJ/Philadelphia area a few years back, it was the cesspool of America then and from what I see on the news/internet, it’s still a shithole but with fewer people with more than three brain cells. They moved out.

    1. I wonder where they think all those groceries come from.

      If New York City is so great let’s close all the bridges and not let any supplies in at all and watch what happens. Because apparently to them nothing will happen.

  7. I remember this trending on Tumblr a while back as part of an entire thread fscking a paean to NYC bodegas and my conclusion was that it sounded like an inferior version of a Tienda Mexicana because bodegas don’t have good tamales or a taco truck parked outside.

  8. We call convenience stores “party stores” here in Michigan.

    Fun fact: The picture of the guns & donuts shop is from a small chain here in Michigan called “Cops & Doughnuts.” Yes, it is own by retired cops. That particular store is in an Ace Hardware in Midland, MI.

  9. I think Lawdog put it “I just found out a bodega is what the rest of the country calls a convenience store. Except it doesn’t count because it doesn’t have an ethnic-sounding name.”

  10. After 9/11 America felt a sense of collective mourning for NYC and people rushed from all over the country to help.

    If a terrorist group set off a nuke in NYC today, I think America would feel a sense of collective joy and people from all over would rush to NYC to keep the survivors from escaping.

  11. Two Diet Cokes, a roll of paper towels, and some peanut butter M&Ms. Sir, your total, including tax, comes to $68.98, will that be cash or charge? Oh, and be sure not to trip over the homeless junkie taking a dump on the sidewalk, and please keep away from the edge of the platform, someone is shoving people onto the track. Please, come back again. Oh, btw, that was translated from Korean, or Arabic.

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