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Mom of Texas school massacre victim is told her daughter could have lived after being shot through the back but she bled out in the 40 minutes it took for cops to storm classroom – as DOJ launches probe into police response

The mother of a Texas school shooting victim was told by first responders that her daughter may have survived the massacre if authorities had acted quicker.

The fourth-grader, who was among the 19 students killed at Robb Elementary in Uvalde on Tuesday, bled to death after being shot in her kidney.

‘Her child had been shot by one bullet through the back through the kidney area,’ State Sen. Ronald Gutierrez told CNN Sunday morning. ‘The first responder that they eventually talked to said that their child likely bled out. In that span of 30 or 40 minutes extra, that little girl might have lived.’

That little girl bled out slowly while the cops fucked around in the hallway waiting for SWAT to show up.

Remember that the Chief of Police Pete Arredondo held his officers back because he assumed all the kids in there were already dead.

Well they weren’t.  Some were still alive and bleeding out.

This is why it’s so important to rush in and stop the shooter right away.

Not just to keep him from killing more people but to rescue the wounded and begin bleeding control and life saving medical care.

We saw the exact same thing in Parkland.  The delay cost lived as wounded students bled out.

I can’t imagine what this mother must be feeling.

To know her daughter could have survived if the police had gotten her out and to a hospital sooner but they stood around while her daughter bled out.

If some mourning parent were to killdozer his way through every Uvdale officer’s home, starting with Chief Pete, I’d pop some popcorn and enjoy the show.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Perhaps the most horrible story Uvdale yet”
  1. I think I would have a REAL hard time wrestling with wether to tell a parent that- would they be better not knowing or better told so the lawsuit payoutcould have a couple more zeros added. Whenever one of these things happen my first thought is “who set this up” . When it turns into one of these total fukfest I think- “ this is going to backfire on the democrats “. Sad, eye opener for many. It ruins peoples limited trust they already have in police…

  2. Yeah, BCE said it best. Whatever little slice of belief I had in the possibility of good cops just disappeared. Those Uvalde cops just lost whatever authority they had to keep the peace in that town. They need a clean sweep and run them all out of town from the Chief down the last rookie.

  3. “We saw the exact same thing in Parkland. ”

    And the same thing in the Pulse shooting.

    Uvlade is quickly becoming the combination of the worst things of those two massacres

  4. Miguel is correct.

    Pulse Nightclub
    Parkland HS
    Uvalde Robb Elementary

    The victims keep getting younger and more innocent.

  5. Google “the golden hour” . Maryland Shock Trauma changed the rules on trauma, except it did so starting in NINETEEN freaking SIXTY!!!

    Cowley formulated the “golden hour” concept in WORLD WAR TWO!!!

    So, as our bloghosts noted, mebbe the shooting has stopped. Has the bleeding?

    Derelict m@@@@r f@@@@rs. Fail, fail, fail, on so (deleted) many levels.

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  7. Felony Murder charges for the lot of ’em.

    The moment they prevented action against the shooter they became accessories to the crime.

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