A 4-year-old girl was seriously injured when she was attacked by two pitbull dogs in the garden of a site in Gaziantep Beştepe Mahallesi.

A statement came from Küçük Asiye’s doctor!

There were tissue bruises due to the attack on her skull and face. There was a serious defect in the nape, bone and neck tissue. There were bites that penetrated the brain tissue. She has had a series of surgeries since yesterday. There were serious bites in the right ear area.

Yes, other dogs bite.  I’ve been bitten by other dogs.

There are two difference between other dogs and pit bulls:

Pit bulls do not growl, bare their teeth, or give other signs or signals that they are annoyed and to back off, they just snap.

Pit bulls latch on, thrash about, and continue to attack.  This is why they cause so many amputations, they more than bite, they shred soft tissue.

Do not bring a pit bull around my kids.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Pit bull attacking a 4-year-old caught on video”
  1. As I inform clients, “Think of the Pit Bull as the Piranha of the dog world.” Other dog breeds can be trained to be like a pit bull…well, almost. But a pit bull has none of the characteristics which other breeds have. The wolf is considered to have some of the same characteristics of the pit bull, but I have not witnessed this in my experiences with wolves.

    1. A lot of pitbulls are worse than wild predators IMO, at least those tend to have a fear of humans and avoid contact.

  2. It all comes down to personal responsibility. You are responsible for your minor child’s actions, for your personal weapons, for the charges your wife makes on your credit card, and for the actions of your “pets”. Can you absolutely guarantee that your dog will always be completely under your control? No, of course not. Prevent the tragedy before you have to feel sorry about it. Get rid of the damn dog.

  3. Dave,

    I think i have come to agree with your position you expressed previously.

    98% of pit bull owners should not own pit bulls. I also believe in the inevitable corollary. 98% of the pit bulls should be put down too. Is Tomorrow.soon enough?

  4. A “gentle” pit bull killed my neighbor’s beagle. Authorities took the pit bull to the pound and killed him….er, “put him down.”

  5. Here is an article posted today on MSN, published by Stacker, and written by Isabela Sepulveda, which despite the data they provide, still promotes the Pit Bull as a gentle and extremely loving dogs—almost 6000 attacks and 421 deaths from 1982-2018.

    While it is certainly true that the owners of this breed will experience the most loving dog personality, the level of ownership the breed experiences ‘for its owner’ is far more aggressive than any other breed. And as J. Kb has stated, once they decide to engage someone in defense of their owner and territory, they are unable to abandon that engagement until they have…killed it. They can not break off the frenzied energy once it’s started.

    It’s articles such as this one, which convinces people that it’s ‘bad dog owners’ which make this breed dangerous. And nothing could be further from the truth. I have personally witnessed one of my trained pits, at work in his owner’s auto junkyard being unable to give up the intruder-thief to law enforcement and its owner, and even me his trainer, after taking the subject-criminal down. The owner had to shoot his own dog because the dog had claimed his victim…like most dogs guard their food and would not abandon the trained duty to protect his territory and give up his spoils of war.

    The Link –

    1. Since I am the only other “Dave” commenting, you must be referring to me. And it’s obvious, you haven’t read my comments and understood them. You must have read my post in a…..”Huff”, Dave

  6. I’ve been treed by a chow who was standing there and decided I needed a hysterectomy. I knew that dog from a puppy. But once it turned that was it. A friend had to have her own rottie put down when the rottie tried to take her face off (plastic surgery on that one). Another friend got plastic surgery for his four year old because of another rottie. The next door neighbors had to get rid of their GSD because she wouldn’t stop biting. My dad had to pay for stitches from our GSD in Japan. My co worker rehomed his Malinois so it wouldn’t kill his baby. Thing is, only pits make the news and half the ones in the news are misidentified. Are you ever going to calm down on this?

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