So we know J. Kb’s stance on Pit Bulls and I am a firm believer that is the people who are too effing dumb to own dogs, here is a video showing what happens when you do not take dogs seriously.

If anything, this reinforces my belief that people get dogs as accessories to their lives and not because they need them as working animal and sure as heck do not know  how to control them.  Can a dog go crazy and attack its owner? yes. It has happened due to sickness or mistreatment or simply the dog is not right upstairs. We were given a German Shepherd that never took training, would not patrol and eventually came to ambush our other dogs for no good reason. One night he tried to attack me as I was walking by, but the body language betrayed him and received several good kicks for his attempt to harm me. The next day I took him to the vet and put him to sleep as I could not take the chance to have him injure a member of my family.

A dog is not your baby, is not your kid, is not a human member of your family: It is an animal that, as much as you can love, comes second to a human life.  With the exception of the shepherd mentioned above, I have suffered every dog that has died in our family, but that ever meant the next one was going to be treated any different.

If you own a dog, specially a big dog and you have not considered the possibility that you may have to get physical and even kill it, you are better off getting one of them miniature dogs or better yet, a cat.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “Pit Bull attacks owner. It gets tased and shot. (Graphic Warning)”
  1. I recently started concealed carrying while doing yard work precisely because of this crap. Normally I home carry indoors since don’t want to get my firearm all sweaty while doing yard work but that’s done.
    My neighbors teen “yoout” just got one of them beasties recently, and though I love most dogs, I can usually tell when their owners don’t know squat about how to handle them… and this “yoout” is one of them.

    Shame that if worse comes to worse, the dog will have to pay for his owner(s) stupidity.
    Guess I better order a fence as well, while I’m at it.

  2. One of my favorite things to do when it’s nice outside is to go road cycling. There are lots of beautiful country roads around here that are perfect for it. The only problem I ever have are unleashed dogs. Now, I really like dogs. But every time I’ve been chased by an unleashed dog, all I can think about is how much I’d enjoy sending it to K9 Hell. I know it’s the owner’s fault, but when you’re pedaling as fast as you can, you’re not blaming the owner, you’re blaming the fucking mutt that’s chasing you.

    1. There used to be an app for that nowadays I guess a can of Halt in a handlebar mount will do it. Portland Oregon has very bad entitled dog owner problem, and lots of bicyclists so it’s an ongoing battle. FWIW, a .380 pistol in a pocket holster would fit neatly into a jersey pocket.

  3. People around here seem to feel that a dog is just a furry human baby and is above any training or discipline. My in-laws being the worst about it.

    I had the law called on me once for shooting somebodies dog that was inside my fenced yard causing problems. It was an old Benjamin pellet gun. 8 pumps for full power, I shot the dog 3 times before it got a clue and ran off. The deputy said I should have found some other way to run it off. I told him the next time I’d kill the damn thing instead of stinging its ass. He said the owners would sue and (my wife chewed my butt for saying this) I said yep they could sue, but that f***ing dog would still be f***ing dead. Never saw that dog, or deputy, again.

    I’m not anti dog.

    I’m anti your dog f***ing with me or mine. They count. Your dog doesn’t.

      1. This is the law in Iowa. I carry a copy of this in my wallet.

        It shall be lawful for any person, and the duty of all peace
        officers within their respective jurisdictions unless such
        Jurisdiction shall have otherwise provided for the seizure andught allowin
        Impoundment of dogs, to kill any dog for which a rabies vaccination
        tag is required, when the dog is not wearing a collar with rabies
        vaccination tag attached.
        351.27 RIGHT TO KILL TAGGED DOG.
        It shall be lawful for any person to kill a dog, wearing a collar
        with a rabies vaccination tag attached, when the dog is caught in the
        act of chasing, maiming, or killing any domestic animal or fowl, or
        when such dog is attacking or attempting to bite a person.

      2. @ cwg
        With the overwhelming number of idiots claiming their animal is a “fur baby” around here? I’d be lucky to just lose. There was a trial a few years ago here where the former owners of a dog broke into a mans house and stole the dog they gave him because they didn’t like him leaving the dog alone while he was at work. I was in the jury pool right up until I was asked my opinion. The judge, a friend of mine, kept ‘advising’ me to watch my language and attitude.
        Never did learn the results of the trial.

  4. Some people want a big, powerful aggressive working breed dog the same way they want a stupid overpowered motorcycle or stupid overpowered gun*- because it’s cool.
    But, the stupid overpowred gun is perfectly safe in a gunsafe, and the stupidly overpowered motorcycle is fine under a cover in the garage.

    However, the big, powerful aggressive working breed dog is not perfectly safe just sitting around indoors like a pug. They need space, they need things to do, and they need a whole lot more than the average dood looking for a big bad breed is willing to do.

    *Both exist more to be owned over actually being used.

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