Playing hooky by force

A bit under the weather today, plus engaged in an attrition war with my Primary Care Doctor’s office who seem to have their collective craniums up their rectums.

I have finally got around and started to read Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries (Vol 1.) Yes, I am a heathen for taking so long.  I found this quote as relevant in the XXI century as Col. Cooper found in 1993 and decided to share with his readers then.

The society of late twentieth century America is perhaps the first in human history where
most grown men do not routinely bear arms on their persons and boys are not regularly raised
from childhood to learn skill in the use of some kind of weapon, either for community or
personal defense − club or spear, broadsword or long bow, rifle or Bowie knife. It also
happens to be one of the rudest and crudest societies in history, having jubilantly swept most
of the etiquette of speech, table, dress, hospitality, fairness, deference to authority and the
relations of male and female and child and elder under the fraying and filthy carpet of
politically convenient illusions. With little fear of physical reprisal Americans can be as loud,
gross, disrespectful, pushy, and negligent as they please. If more people carried rapiers at
their belts, or revolvers on their hips, It is a fair bet you would be able to go to a movie and
enjoy he dialogue from the screen without having to endure the small talk, family gossip and
assorted bodily noises that many theater audiences these days regularly emit. Today,
discourtesy is commonplace precisely because there is no price to pay for it.”

Samuel Francis.

And Col. Cooper finishes with words we know so well:

As Heinlein put it,
“An armed society is a polite society.”

That’s it unless something happens. Go have fun and be productive.

4 Replies to “Playing hooky by force”

  1. Ponder the vaulted Japanese politeness. The old Samurai culture actually obligated one to revenge insults immediately.

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