So last night there was flurry of messages across Social media decrying the application of a Red Flag against a guy in New York State because of a single solitary 30 round magazine in his possession. No other mags or even weapons were in the house. The gentleman live streaming and had barricaded himself. The local Gestapo had threatened to kill the wife who snitched on him  about the nag (In version #1) or a friend who is no longer a friend snitched on the guy about the magazine (in version #2).

Bear with me. Also we were told that Armed Patriots cross the county were concentrating nearby to rescue the barricade and prosecuted man or at least downvote and dislike what the police was doing. It came a moment where the reports of shots fired came out and that mass incarceration of patriots had occurred light after the Cell Jammers were brought out so nobody would know what was happening.

Of course, you will not see this in the New because there is a conspiracy between Bloomberg, Reuters and the Pope so you don’t ever figure what happened and only get the milk toast version: That a trouble veteran with a past for domestic abuse had an episode and the local cops (those abusing Gestapo assholes) took 7 hours to calm the guy down, managed to get him alive.

One of the sources of information I was assured to be accurate is this reddit post. The other source is one of the local TV stations.

I am sorry if I have issues swallowing the version that makes the writers of Mexican Telenovelas go “This is loco! I can’t use this.”

Think donkeys. not zebras. Don’t make shit up and specially do not repeat it, retweet or repost. A shootout between armed guys and a SWAT team doe not make it in the news anywhere? Not even in the town resident’s comments in Facebook?


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

6 thoughts on “Please, do not act like Gun Grabbers.”
  1. I just watched his guy’s Instagram story. He doesn’t seem all there. Also checked on, but I’m not reading through 60+ pages of what is sure to be blind rage.

    This guy goes on about how 30 round mags are standard capacity, and I get it – they are. But anything over 10 has been illegal in NY since 1994, so chances are the law was already in place when this guy was born or at least very young. That said, I’ve literally never heard of a “magazine only” arrest. It’s always an add-on charge when someone has broken multiple other laws.

    Glad this one apparently had a peaceful resolution. This guy seems like he could use some help.

    Edit: “ He was arrested and is facing charges related to a previous domestic incident, including burglary, criminal trespass, criminal contempt, aggravated harassment and petit larceny.
    Police say they did not recover any weapons or ammunition from Booth’s home and believe no one was injured.”

    Nothing about a magazine possession charge listed. Who knows though.

  2. (reposting from my alternate username. I don’t understand why I can’t from my original one. Can it be taken out of the spam filter or something??)

    I think this situation illustrates two things:

    1. Gun owners are on high alert for a triggering event. I could see this happening in VA, where they are going to push hard for gun control. NY’s gun culture has been greatly hampered over decades of anti-gun laws. VA’s gun culture is strong. But the Dems got power and are drunk on it. They will push too far, and gun owners will resist. This situation could be real in a year or two.

    2. Gun owners don’t believe the media. While we can’t rush to judgement because first news is almost always wrong, the media could easily lie and not cover a situation where a gun owner is barricaded over possessing a scary looking gun. And gun owners won’t listen if the story is different, because they know the media lies or hides the truth.

    Going to be scary the next few years.

    1. To address the side story that you mention about our concern in Virginia after our loss of the majority to the Democrats. Yes, the Dems now have the majority in Richmond, but only because of the dense population in Northern Virginia, Norfolk, Richmond, and a couple of other areas. A look at the map of the state shows an overwhelming number of counties voted Republican. The Dems ran on a gun-control platform, and edged out the slim Republican majority in the Capital.
      Now the good news: at least 32 counties (and counting) have voted, or will soon vote, to NOT enforce any anti-Second Amendment laws that Richmond may pass in the months ahead. We are putting them on notice that they will not be allowed to trample on the Bill of Rights in Virginia. I hope this will be the start of a trend nationwide. Campbell County, Virginia, was the first, and I understand that the county council was unanimous. I want to go there and personally shake the hand of each one of the members! They started what the Virginia Citizen’s Defense League is calling a Tsunami.

  3. No mention of Red Flag laws in any of the news reports I’ve seen. If Red Flag laws were involved, the media would report it. No, I don’t trust the media, but here in NY, news stories with any ties to gun control are front paged in bold letters. The media knows they generate emotion and then ratings/web traffic. There is nothing in the charges still about an arrest for possession of a magazine. All signs so far point to this being a domestic arrest having nothing to do with firearms, magazines, or Red Flag laws. No, I don’t know the full story. But I don’t think this is the Red Flag case people were hoping it was.

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