I have been biting my tongue and trying not to lose my calm about this alleged badge of honor. But this meme was just the last dollop of shit in the manure bucket.

This is pure Wannsee Conference. In case you do not know what that is, it was a gathering of Nazi leadership in 1942 where the extermination of Jews and other undesirables was brought under one umbrella and the basis was set not only to make a more efficient extermination process but who was going to be exterminated. One of the discussions was centered in the percentage of Jewish Blood that a German may have to be classified as a Jew (and thus exterminated) or as Aryan to be spared. Obviously, any Aryan of pure blood uncontaminated by Jewish ancestry was safe from a free train ticket East and a gaseous shower.

So please, with sugar on top: Stop playing with the terms that feel came out straight from Reinhard Heydrich’s lips just because you want to be as stupidly edgy as the assholes on the other side.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

25 thoughts on “Please, stop with the Pureblood bullshit.”
  1. I suspect the people who came up with these are thinking more Harry Potter than history. Which doesn’t make the memes any less . . . worrisome, to put it mildly.

    1. You wanna take the vax? Cool. You DEMAND I take the vax? Now I’m gonna read from the gospel of St John of Ogden…. My boss and his wife got it. I did not. No hard feelings either way, although he will not be getting a booster….

  2. Face it. There are a lot of arrogant dicks on all sides, including ours.

    But if you insist on being an arrogant dick? Maybe we will decide you are not on our team?

    We should not expect rote allegiance to our “platform” and beliefs, but we should not antagonize our friends and supporters, and try to not offend those who may support us. Even if it makes our tiny egos feel superior. (I know I am guilty of pissing off friends by saying stupid stuff.)

  3. “Pureblood” is a perfectly fine way of making the distinction in the current context. Not everything has to be weighed against “Muh Nazis”.

    1. Is your blood truly pure? Never vaccinated? never had an infection? Maybe a genetical thing going on in your corpuscles? So no, they ain’t purebloods. It is 100% unadulterated bullshit to make a group of Chest thumpers (AKA Couch Patriots) set themselves aside for Twitter Glitter purposes.
      But I reckon “Unvaxxed” is too fucking proletarian and low class for some.

      1. The only problem is, the mRNA shot is not a vaccine and the guy that came up with it says it’s bullshitf. It doesn’t prevent Chinaflu, it doesn’t stop the spread, it has killed thousands that we know of, what is its purpose?
        Your decision, your choice.

  4. Have you paid attention to past posts? I got vaccinated just like I have been vaccinated in the past for many other maladies. I was in the target group of being older, fat and out of shape so I decided a bit of help might be indicated.
    Sorry? Guilty? Nope and also, I NEVER ONCE tried to shame those who decided not to take the vaccine. It was their decision, I completely accepted it and stated so in previous posts.

    But what I will not tolerate is people in what are supposed to be OUR side behaving like the morons on the other side and creating hostile differences by tagging themselves superiors to others just because they made a decision not to take the vaccine, probably not because of any actual research they did on the subject but because it is what the Cool “Revolutionary” kids are doing this month. .

      1. That’s not dickly Larry, it’s called responding to an accusation of nazism. It’s an American thing. Maybe you are not familiar..

  5. I’m trying to figure out what that meme means, and as far as I can tell the answer is “nothing whatsoever”. So the simple answer seems to be to ignore it as content free. Getting worked up over the actions of the mentally defective isn’t very helpful to your blood pressure.

  6. After being financially threatened and verbally abused as a filthy deplorable for almost two years for not taking the poison shot, I think a little self congratulation is in order, seeing that now it is common knowledge that the shot does not prevent you from getting or spreading the Covid, and that the long term effects are still unknown. Is it too soon to say “I told you so”? No offense to anyone is intended, but I’m a PureBlood and I intend to stay that way.

    1. If the shots are poison, it’s among the least poisonous shot ever developed. And since the first shots only came 1 year ago and it took months to get widespread, no one’s pestered you for two years to get it. Shit, 2 years ago at this time, we were JUST BARELY beginning to hear of problems in Wuhan. The mandates are from hell, but otherwise, you’re sounding rather looney.

  7. With all the tropical crap (malaria, dengue, chikungunya, and some odd thing that gives me hives) in my blood already, I’m pretty sure my mutt self is far from genetically pure anyway.

    So, I figured that the vaccine couldn’t hurt all that much- and it didn’t. However, it will make my essential international travel a lot easier.

    When I inevitably got Covid a few months after, as I fully expected I would, it wasn’t all that bad. I also took the course of HQC, Iwhatchycallit, and zinc my doc recommended and prescribed- couldn’t hurt, and didn’t.

  8. Ok let’s chill out. The pureblood moniker, while a bit juvenile is just the normal reaction to the other half of the country saying vax or bust. While I don’t care if someone chooses to get the shot, I didn’t get it and don’t plan on it. And I’ve been shit on by family and friends for it. So if some people feel like raising a middle finger back,I get it.

    So ease off the nazi references, the people identifying with the phrase are the ones being discriminated against.

  9. 1) Nope. And I have no suck to embrace. 2) You are sounding more and more like communist democrats you despise. You don’t see it just yet ’cause you are having way too many Ego orgasm.
    But bills come due.

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