You really have to hand it to mayor Lori (Beetlejuice) Lightfoot, she has trained the criminal element of her city to expect no resistance.

On Monday a Chicago animal casually strolled into a convenience store with a shotgun held down by his leg away from the clerk. He looks around before turning back to the clerk to begin his robbery.

And there things go right. The clerk had some situational awareness and had noticed the animal taking the shotgun from his car before entering the store. He armed himself and waited to see what the animal would do.

Sure enough he came inside hoping to redistribute the wealth.

When he noticed that the clerk was armed and willing to use his own firearm he started babbling “I’m from Chicago Bro. I don’t know anybody down here. I’m from Chicago.”

The encounter ended with the would be robber exiting, being extra careful that the muzzle of his shotgun never stopped pointing straight down.

Florida alleged robber armed with gun claims ‘I’m from Chicago, bro,’ leaves when clerk displays own weapon

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