Portland Mayor outraged by Antifa actions in City Hall.


There is an old Spanish saying “Cria cuervos y te sacaran los ojos.” Raise ravens and they will pluck your eyes out.

The City of Portland has long given Antifa the latitude to pretty much what they want because they are supposed to be fellow politicos of the Left. But predator cannot be controlled and they will eventually demand their pound of flesh extracted from your backside simply because they are bold enough to do so.

This is your cute little monster, have fun chasing it down and bringing it under control.


4 Replies to “Portland Mayor outraged by Antifa actions in City Hall.”

  1. Nice framing at the beginning where they called it “police violence”. The thugs meanwhile are just protesters. Funny how it always( ALWAYS!) works out to be that anyone these protesters try to intimidate/beat up are the violent ones.

  2. I call bullshit on the mayor being outraged. For the reason you say. He lets antifa get away with anything they want. Portland let antifa hold the ICE office hostage, that’s technically kidnapping federal agents which (I think) gets the death penalty. When ICE called the police, the mayor told the police to stand down and not help.

    No, mayor, you sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind.

  3. Famous last words:

    “I am your MASTER! I created you to serve me! I command you to go forth and destroy my enemies!”

    We all know what happens next.

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