A thousand homes have been destroyed.  For a thousand families, everything they had has been reduced to ashes.  A lifetime of mementos, treasures, family heirlooms, all of it gone.

This is devastating, emotionally as well as financially.

But fuck ’em, because this will allow Biden to spend money to build giant, ugly, bird killing windmills, that don’t provide reliable power to the grid, and are resource wasteful, but are the ultimate edifice of environmentally conscious virtue signaling.

Present Empathy, the Grief Whisperer, couldn’t contain his joy that the material wealth thousand families has been wiped from this earth so he could build windmills.

The Left does not care about you and us happy to see the evidence of your existence purged from this world with fire so that they can build their utopia.  This is the way it’s always been.

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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “President empathy reminds people that their lives are just eggs to be broken for his Leftist omelet”
  1. Why would anyone pay any attention to this blithering moron???? He showed to my burned out house Id very politely tell him to get off my lawn…… fuk him.

  2. Gasp! Noooo! Another casualty of Da Rona!!! Why, Dokter Fauxi has been right all along, and, only now, do we realize that Da Rona will BURN DOWN PEOPLES HOMES! Ermaghard! Get your boosters!

    (spit). Go home Jhiao: you’re demented.

  3. There is a small wind farm south of us. Just three of the big suckers. In the last 5 years I don’t think I’ve ever seen all of them turning. Most of the time there is just one turning.

    If they are generating enough power with just one for the campus then great, bring the other three on line to sell power back to the grid. If they really need more than one, how come so often there is only one turning.

    If they only need one, having a second for growth and backup makes sense, but I really don’t see these things as reliable.

    I also know that a local group bought an old damn and spent a few years to bring it back on line. They are only generating a few megawatts but they are constantly generating power.

  4. Germany, Britain and Europe went big on Wind and Solar. The winds have been very calm over in Europe this Winter, Electicity Future Prices have been through the roof. We are talking about 300 Euros to 1,000 Euros per Megawatt Hour.

    That is right, over $1,00 per Kilowatt Hour. They are burning record amounts of coal to make electricity.

    We saw a similar disaster last Winter when temperatures in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and the central US were below zero for days, No wind turbine electricity, no gas, 246 DEAD.

    Two Hundred Forty Six Dead. Windmills don’t just kill birds.

    1. In the Texas case I believe the problem wasn’t really the windmills, but rather the fact that gas compressors were run off electricity and electric generating plants off gas, and there wasn’t a well designed and tested system for starting generating plants without electricity from the grid. Part of that was political: the politicians had apparently outlawed gas-powered gas compressors. So there was a circular dependency in the gas and electric system, and since the politicians were clueless and the engineers also not smart enough, things broke.

      1. The bird killing machines froze. With Globull warming, Texas is too far south to ever freeze, so there’s no need to equip them for cold weather. /s

  5. Because if I lost my home, I really want to have some senile ice cream licker yammer on about windmills.

    But no more mean tweets!

  6. Democrats are grotesque subhuman monsters, anyone with at least half of a functioning braincell has known this for years, if not decades.

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