This video by the ACLU about the father of a trans child in Alabama

I’m not a psychologist, but something here really stood out to me.

He is claiming that his child came out as trans, then suddenly lurched hard into being suicidal and threatening suicide.

This is one of the biggest things about the trans-child issue that I have a problem with.

And understand that when I was in college I went through a period of depression with suicidal ideation.  Been there, had treatment, got better.  I have nothing but empathy for suicidal people.

When a child is suicidal, that is something very serious.

This child’s personality suddenly shifted to being suicidal and the focus this father had seemed to be on the transition and not a deeper underlying concern for what would cause a child to have a sudden personality change and a strong desire for suicide.

The rush seems to me “let me affirm my child’s gender” instead of “I need to find out why my seemingly happy child wants to kill themselves if they don’t get to transition.”

We know for absolute certainty that childhood depression rates trend with time spent on social media.

We saw years ago how with girls, eating disorders and self-harm spiked with time spent being bullied on social media.

Kids get a very warped view of the world from social media.

“Everybody else’s lives are perfect and everyone else is beautiful, and mine is garbage” leads to all sorts of emotional problems.

Throw in the way interacting through screens has turned people into sociopaths who enjoy ganging up and bullying strangers online and you have the making for extremely serious mental abuse and problems.

The ACLU and celebrities Tweet constantly “trans kids are loved” and it’s not hard to imagine that a child who is depressed and feels like their life is shit thinks that transitioning is the way to be loved.

But since transitioning today seems to be the transorbital lobotomy of the 50’s, another generation of kids is getting mutilated by doctors who think that there is a quick fix to the emotional difficulties of teenagers.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on ““Proud father of trans-daughter” misses the red flags”
  1. I am not a psychologist and not going to pretend to be one either. However, I’ve been married to a transgender man for nearly twenty years and my circle of friends includes several other transgender folks (both FTM and MTF).

    In my experience, physiological ailments like depression, manic-depressive swings, social anxiety, and yes even suicidal ideation are things that occur before a proper diagnosis of gender dysphoria is reached and transition to the other gender begins. It will continue to happen afterward, of course, because psychological issues aren’t resolved with a simple flip of an on-off switch, but the incidence will be reduced dramatically and will fade to zero over time.

    I suspect that the child in the video doesn’t have gender dysphoria and has never been diagnosed as having such by any medical expert. The child probably was dealing with the normal angsts, depressions, and other tribulations of life as a teenager… and their “caring” parents decided that this wasn’t just the normal teenage bullshit that we all go through, but instead they slapped a psychological diagnosis on the kid themselves. That they just happened to pick the one that would gain them the most Virtue Points at their next cocktail party isn’t an accident.

    Gender dysphoria is a real medical condition with a large body of scientific research detailing its diagnosis and treatment. Fuckin’ progressives have decided to treat it as a fashion fad… and it’s gonna lead to a lot of currently young people being really psychologically damaged adults. Imagine manipulating someone in their early teens with perfectly functional legs into spending their teens, twenties, and early thirties into using a wheelchair and never walking. Then they discover at age 35 that they can walk and could have walked all those years… That’s the rough equivalent. They’re forcing unnecessary medical treatment on these kids.

    Münchausen by Proxy for Politics.

    1. I get the idea behind trying to tell people with dysphoria that they are perfectly fine and natural and there’s nothing wrong with them- but is it?

      There’s something wrong going on, and those people really need to work through some issues with proper therapy, counseling and so on. That some people need therapy for issues in their lives shouldn’t be looked down on.

      But this modern Virtue Signaling Münchausens needs to end.

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