She has set the original video in private mode. Here is the new version. It seems to be shorter:

Director Rejina Sincic has created a disturbing video, advocating that teens commits multiple felonies—several of which could lead to injury or death through negligent discharge of the weapon—because of her own hysterical, irrational fear of firearms.In the video, a boy steals an unholstered (presumably loaded) firearm from his mother’s room, drops it unsecured into his bookbag, and then carries it to school. After class the boy pulls the pistol out of his bookbag and puts it on his startled teacher’s desk, saying, “Can you take this away? I don’t feel safe with a gun in my house.

via CRAZED: Gun Control Cultist Calls For Children To Steal Parents’ Firearms, Bring Them To Schools – Bearing Arms.

So, who can be so stupid as to produce this ad and mean it to be safe? Meet Rejina Sincic:

Rejina Sincic

According to her site: “Rejina Sincic is an Indian film director and screenwriter based in San Francisco. Her production company is Rejina Productions and is also the Co-Founder of Sleeper13 Productions. She completed her bachelors in Film Studies from University of Utah in 2006… Rejina has a great passion for filmmaking and is always looking to collaborate with creative people who have the same drive.”

Now, she may have gone to college and have a fancy degree, but the brain department ain’t precisely working. Now if a kid in real life decides to pull the same stunt, he is gonna face some serious charges. Let’s review what would happen in Florida:

Theft of a Firearm: Felony Third Degree. (5 years)
Illegally carrying a concealed firearm: Felony Third Degree. (5 years)
Weapon in School: Felony Third Degree. (5 years)
Weapon at Bus School Stop: Felony Third Degree (5 years)
Weapon inside a School Bus: Felony Third Degree (5 years).

So basically the kid may get up to 25 years in prison for being stupid enough to follow the “feel-good” BS of Ms. Sincic’s video. If the prosecutor is a**hole enough, he will ask and get that the poor bastard be tried as an adult, then make a deal and let him plea guilty to serve only one 5 year term and become a Felon for life with all the “goodies” that come with it.

Will somebody please tell this idiotic woman to remove the video? Thank You!

Update: Apparently she already has felt the heat, but failed to process the data and is asking for support.

CSGV RejinaSincic


This is gonna be good.

Hat tip to Big Fat Dave for the screen cap.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

13 thoughts on “Publis Service Announcement: Making your kids felons. UPDATE”
  1. Beyond what was said in the post already, I am taken aback by the leftist notion that they know what is better for our children then we do.

    This PS can be described as “special interest group convinces children to be scared of their parents and go behind their backs to second guess their decisions.” “Don’t trust your parents. They don’t know how to protect you as well as we do. Lie and steal from them if you have to. We are right, they are wrong.”

    And the CSGV isn’t alone. Remember back in 2008, the Obama ad that asked kids to explain to their parents why they (the parents) should vote for Obama and not the candidate of their choice?

    Leave my kids alone, the are not yours to use against me.

    1. Sounds more like an opportunity to remind parents to teach proper firearms safety to their kids so the kids are inoculated against gun-control and statist propaganda.
      Because our kids deserve to grow up in a safe and sane world…

  2. Although I doubt if a DA would prosecute, she’s guilty of being an accessory before the fact and conspiracy to commit a felony.

    It must be nice to walk about knowing you are sfe from zombies. (No brains, no zombies.)

    stay safe.

  3. What is missing is, depending upon the state…the parents are also liable. So, EVERYONE is going to jail.

    I think that everyone that promotes this video as THE THING TO DO, like the CSGV, should be held liable if a kid does do this.

    So, to protect ourselves while publicizing this, make sure that we state unequivocally that this SHOULD NOT BE DONE AND IS ILLEGAL.

    Btw, check out her channel. She produced some sort of film called “Kill Again.”
    Women are attacked.
    She produced a PSA where a woman’s means of defense is stolen.

  4. And that “up to 25 years” doesn’t even include if the Federal DA decides to press charges for violation of the Federal “Gun-Free Schools Act”.

    And, as Cargosquid pointed out, the parents would be liable, too. Hope the kid’s foster home doesn’t have firearms, like we did when we were foster providers.

    1. This video reminds me of those people who used to think you could keep teenagers from having sex by keeping condoms away from them.

  5. Prosecute PSA makers, Like David Gregory in DC. Film is evidence of crime. Gun in school , real or BB , Zero Tolerance …….Right …. ?

  6. Regina is not the only moron responsible for this trash. Apparently, it was shot in a real school and classroom, complete with other kids! So a bunch of parents and some school department should share the blame.

  7. It looks like the only edit was to black out the credits.
    The school where the video was shot wanted their name removed from the video. Maybe that’s why the credits are redacted.

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