I’ve had the Fox News live stream of the Ford/Kavanaugh hearing playing in the background today while I worked.

It is a God damned travisty.

Dr. Ford started out by making corrections to her letter to the Democrats.  She had days and weeks to draft that but still had to alter the details of it during the hearing.

She can’t remember details from the last few weeks, but is 100% sure of what happened 36 years ago.

She brought no additional facts, evidence, or corroborating witnesses.

She has a lot of interesting things to say about brain chemistry though, about why she can remember certain things and not others.

Oh yeah, and she took her polygraph on the same day as her grandmother’s funeral.

I remember my dad’s funeral, and both grandfathers’ funerals.  I remember a lot of crying and then, for my dad’s, a lot of drinking.  Not really in the mood to sit through a deposition.

The Democrats didn’t ask serious questions, they just used their time to grandstand.

The Republicans had a prosecutor ask questions like a professional.

This was facts vs. outrage.  Evidence vs. innuendo.

She and every Democrat repeated the same talking points about how Kavanaugh’s not asking for an FBI investigation was evidence of guilt, because #MeToo means the accused must provide the rope and tie the noose that hangs him.

This was like watching some horrifying crossover where Atticus Finch is asking questions in the middle of a Stalinist Show Trial.

No matter what happens to Judge Kavanaugh, today was the day that America went to its death bed.

Half of America had thrown out every principle of American Jurisprudence in favor of power, and that half is metastasizing at an alarming rate.

This is end stage Progressivism, and it’s terminal.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Put a fork in the US, we’re done”
  1. Kavanaugh is absolutely killing it with his powerful emotional testimony. He even made Alyssa Milano cry! I’m calling it now, he will be confirmed.

  2. We the People need to support kav”magna”. Email him email Trump. SHOW Americas support for the good guys. He and some of the repubs are pointing out the circus. Fukkin dick durbin now THERES an honest guy. The dumbacrats are showing America what babies they are. VOTE!!!!!!!! in Nov!!

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