If you have been following the news on Twitter, you might have seen a trend forming.

Trump and a number of Republicans politicized the murder of Mollie Tibbetts by an illegal immigrant.

Democrats and media personalities on the Left criticized Trump and the Republicans for politicizing Tibbetts’ murder because the Republicans warn against politicizing mass shootings.

Some on the Left have even gone so far as to deny that they (those on the Left) politicize tragedy.

This then spirals into whataboutism with examples of the response to Sandy Hook and Parkland and Obama’s “if I had a son” statement about Trayvon Martin.

Politicization happens.  There is a saying, “strike while the iron is hot.”

What I noticed and what nobody on social media has said is, when it comes to politicizing a tragedy, the facts are rarely if ever on the side of the Democrats.

Sandy Hook, Parkland, Aurora, Virginia Tech, the Jacksonville shooting on Sunday, etc.  The politicization was for gun control.  As the facts unfolded we learned that in each case, there were abundant warning signs, laws broken, and failures of goverment that allowed to the shootings to happen.

When it comes to Kate Steinle or Mollie Tibbetts, the facts were than an illegal immigrant who should not have been in the country killed an American.

Simply, the facts are on our side.

We need to stop saying “don’t politicize this shooting.”  We know the other side will politicize it and get their message out while we take a moment of silence.

We need to be ready to in an instant destroy their argument with facts.

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By J. Kb

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