New poll data from Quinnipiac:

Congress needs to do more to reduce gun violence say 72 percent of voters, including 50 percent of Republicans, 93 percent of Democrats, and 75 percent of independents.

Voters say 60 – 34 percent that they support stricter gun laws in the United States. An identical 60 percent support a nationwide ban on assault weapons, including 37 percent of Republicans, 85 percent of Democrats, and 60 percent of independents. However, voters were split on the idea of a mandatory assault weapon buyback – 46 percent of voters support the concept, including a meager 18 percent of Republicans, 71 percent of Democrats, and 47 percent of independents.

So nearly half the people polled want some sort of mandatory buyback.  This is now something pushed in one way or another by every Democrat primary candidate.  It started with Eric Swalwell and has metastasized across the party.

Here is the question about buybacks and the data behind it:

Here is a response from David Weigel of the Washington Post:

Remember everything I said about being pedantic.  This Tweet perfectly exemplifies the point I was trying to make.

71% of polled Democrats don’t know or care or want to know what AR stands for or how the AR-15 semiautomatic.  What they know is that they want to force you to give up your property to some bureaucrat or LEO for a pittance or risk prison or death.

I’m of the opinion that risk prison or death is actually a feature not a bug when the Democrats think about buybacks.

Looking at all the specific gun policy proposals that voters were asked about, support ranges from very strong to split:
93 – 6 percent support for universal background checks;
82 – 16 percent support for requiring a license to purchase a gun;
80 – 15 percent support for a “red flag” law;
60 – 36 percent support for a ban on assault weapons;
46 – 49 percent on a mandatory buyback of assault weapons.

Restrictive licensing and blanket gun bans are now the majority position according to polled voters.  

What we are talking about here is the Australiafication of the United States.   

A 54 percent majority of voters think that mental illness is a bigger cause of mass shootings than the availability of guns, while 37 percent say gun availability is a bigger cause. But 54 percent of voters also think that stricter gun laws would help to decrease the number of mass shootings in the United States, while 43 percent don’t think so. About four in ten voters are worried about being a victim of a mass shooting themselves.

The activist media needs to give itself a big round of applause for scaring the shit out of people with 24/7 mass shooting coverage that also increases the number of mass shootings. 

As more details emerge about the Odessa Texas spree killer, we learn that once again, there was a failure of law enforcement to properly react to a budding problem.

Texas mass shooter threatened neighbor, shot animals from roof: report

A neighbor of the Odessa, Texas, mass shooter says she reported him to police last month — after he threatened her with a rifle for leaving trash near his property — but cops couldn’t find his house on account of it having no GPS address or electricity.

The woman told CNN that Seth Ator, 36, would often sit on top of his home and shoot animals at night, which he would then retrieve afterward.

She said cops tried to confront Ator following her report to them last month, but his property didn’t show up on GPS and was difficult to find.

  • Government fails to prevent a mass shooting.
  • The party of big government demands more government to prevent what it was unable to previously prevent.
  • Big government stomps on the rights of those who did nothing wrong.
  • Future tragedies are not averted but the wrong thinkers are collectively punished and that is good enough.

This data is bad.  Very bad.

What is at stake here is literally everything.

The Left in America wants and is running on a platform of demanding millions of Americans give up their rights and property.


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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Quinnipiac shows that we’re screwed”
  1. Like mahahRushy says-“dont pay attention to polls”. Look around at America. Real Americans will be buyin guns and ammo… this is the same shiite they were spouting last year after parkland. Take a deep breath and load another mag..

  2. Hillary won in a landslide in 2016 based on such polls.

    Also, don’t forget that Bernie Sanders is officially an independent when it cites “independents”.

  3. Couldn’t care less what some discredited propaganda organization manages to find in its polling. Quinnipiac will tell us that Trump is down by double digit points to all current Democrats, that Hillary was going to win in a landslide, that Trump’s approval rating is at 30%, blah blah blah.

    The only way an AWB gets passed again is if the Dems regain filibuster proof control of the House and Senate and win the Presidency. Otherwise, this is a whole lot of liberal circle jerk action and nothing more.

    I saw theory online that suggests Trump deliberately wanted to appear soft on guns after the most recent shootings to get the Dems to go farther left. This is certainly possible, as he’s backed off universal background checks. Meanwhile, the Dems have gone total totalitarian and are now demanding semi-auto bans. This is making them popular in places like NYC and San Francisco. In the rest of the country, it’s making them completely unelectable. It’s a fringe position that seems popular because excrement fountains like the Washington Post and New York Times champion it as mainstream. It’s not.

    I’ll finish by reiterating – fuck Quinnipiac. They probably interviewed a bunch of budding Communists at the student union on their Connecticut campus for this poll. Or made it up completely.

  4. Nah it’s not bad. While the polls always say 93% support UBC, actual referendums never get higher than 56%.

    Gotta remember these polls are always super slanted toward anti gun points.

    That’s not to say we shouldn’t fight and defend, we are far from screwed.

    1. “While the polls always say 93% support UBC, actual referendums never get higher than 56%. ”

      Am I missing something here? You consider that a majority of support for UBC is a good thing? Unless the new math says 56% is not a majority and I was not informed.

  5. How do you win a propaganda war? When the enemy is lying nonstop 24/7 how do you counter that? You can’t afford enough air time and no media would put you on TV.

    I saw a leftist reporter on a news panel saying, “93% support universal background checks! No issue ever gets 93% support!” and I’m saying to the TV, “and unusually high results like that don’t make you wonder if the question is worded correctly or if the people understand what they’re agreeing to?” When people understand what the current system is, that support drops like a rock.

    Dare I suggest that this is a situation where education (that is, being pedantic) is at least a small part of what we need to do?

    It was a big story in our world last week (?) when that reporter babe went to Walmart to buy a gun and found out she couldn’t just walk in, pick it up, go to the check out register and go home. That completely puts a lie to the a**hole who said it’s easier to buy sudafed than an AR. Did that story make the mainstream news? No?

    Again, how do you win a propaganda war? Cause we’re up to our necks in one RFN.

  6. I say don’t believe everything you hear about polls. They certainly are not always reliable or right.

    The question that always comes to my mind is: where in hell do they always get these clueless dolts when they take a poll? I never get counted in these polls.

    I have a job and am not one of those people that have nothing else to do all day and get polled about everything whether I know anything about it or not.

    Just makes me wonder……

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