The “new” face of Gun Control: richard+martinez   You know you are having a great PR day when your new emblem (grandfather-type beard, glasses and Hispanic surname? It does not get better than that) gets more air time than the NBA finals combined with the latest Kardasian escapade.  Father of one of the three victims shot by Elliot Rodger (Do notice that the three victims stabbed to death do not count nor their parents get any TV time as if their deaths were inconsequential), he has become the darling of the MSM and the Gun Control groups for blaming the NRA for the death of his son and not the psycho who actually did the killing.

But same as with Colin Goddard and Cindy Sheehan, Mr. Martinez’ usefulness comes with an expiration date determined by how well he can be isolated from a real questioning by an impartial journalist (stop laughing now) or somebody who is not scared to face him as he waves the bloody shirt. Also, the news cycle will also move to new and more exciting news. And of course, he does have a problem with the message itself: There is not a message other than Hate the NRA and the hastag #NotOneMore.

You see, MAIG, Moms, EverybodyInTown, Brady, CSGV, all of them have been harping and harking Universal Background Checks and Expanded Database of dangerous mentally ill people to be included as prohibited persons. The problem they face is that those laws are standard in California and both failed to stop Elliot Rodger so, no matter how much it tugs the heart of people, what the Opposition has been pushing to pass was proven useless no matter how appealing Mr. Martinez’s feelings may be,. Eventually the people will start wondering if there is some substance behind the show or is it just standard BS and Mr. Martinez will promptly be relegated to the Gun Control recycle bin as his usefulness to the groups is no longer in effect.



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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

24 thoughts on “Richard Martinez and an Expiration Date.”
  1. I wish someone would do an investigative piece to this guy. supposedly he was estranged from his son after a nasty divorce. But nothing more than that. There has to be a hook with this guy. Who is this guy Ramirez and what has he been associated with in the past?
    He looks like just another grandpa hippie from Venice CA. and the place is full of them.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised, but being the death of hiss son, I will give him about another week worth of leeway. And somebody should be doing a full check on his past activities….

      1. Martinez… That happens when you watch Highlander in the morning… Jesus what a screw up! LOL

        You earworm for the day: The Kurgan saying “Ramirez”.

  2. You know… when you’re blaming the NRA for an incident which happened in an area where the NRA has basically no influence, your words tend to ring a bit hollow.

  3. Do not forget to add that the People’s Demokratik Republik of Kollyvornia not only has universal background checks, a 10 day waiting period (You know, to cool off before you go and shoot somebody with a gun you already have), and FULL REGISTRATION WITH EVERY GUN TRANSFER! And we have a law that allows at least a 72 hour observation period with attendant FIVE YEAR placement on the no buy list.

    We have all that the Dansers Macabre are asking for, and more, Yet the local gendarmes failed to do their job, and Senor Psycho passed the background checks, and got his guns legally.

    The only thing left that the Sacramento Politburo can do is ban all guns, and start the wholesale confiscations, THEN, maybe, the real Americans can finally declare the new American Revolution underway.


  4. Of course, with Strident Cindy, she never understood just why she was being used as a prop, and it went to her head. Soon, she began to babble all sorts of awkward, leftoid radical nonsense at every possible opportunity, and wore out her welcome really quick.

    Will Ricky go this way? Time will tell.

  5. I love how they keep coloring the NRA as some unrestrained monster. The NRA exists because people support it, duh! Members going to state houses and voting is why.

    1. See my comments below IDIOT…..I am a resposible Female Gun Owner….but the NRA …does NOT RESPESENT ME OR the PUBLIC….They respsent the GUN INDUSTRY!! NOT RESPSIBLE OWNERS!!

  6. I expect this one to get a large check from Bloomberg and run for some office, after all he is an attorney. Maybe he can be a Yee replacement.

  7. Your words also ring hollow when everything you call for is already the law in California. Will someone in the MSM call him on it?

    1. There is NO NEED FOR GUNS ON SCHOOL CAMPUSES or in the PUBLIC …PERIOD! See my comments below….I am a resposible Female Gun Owner…..but there are more than one issue in this arena…Try EDUCATING YOURSELF!

  8. The only problem with this article is that the proper terminology for the MSM is in fact…MFM. (Mother F’n Media)

  9. I am a female responsible GUN OWNER. I was molested as a child and raped at 16. I worked as a Domestic Violence Couselor and Advocate and worked with the Police to help them understand the issues.Later in life I had a guy beat me once. I had to FIGHT WITH THE POLICE TO get him ASSESTED AND RESOMVED FROM MY HOME…where he was JUST VISITING. I have also been affected by mental illness and lost 2 sisters to SUICIDE….the first one SHOT herself with my FATHERS GUN…He had to clean the BLOOD AND BRAIN MATTER himself from the back of our own garage! So this latest incident at UCSB REALLY HITS ALL 3 ISSUES for me. We need to stop the NRA from buying our legislators, fix the Mental Health System and PASS the VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN congress! It’s time for MEN and WOMEN to stand together on this….and as the Father of the victim said…..NOT ONE MORE!!…Guns DO NOT BELONG IN PUBLIC AND CERTAINLY NOT ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES. But there are DEEPER issues….WE NEED MEN TO STAND WITH US AND RESPONSIBLE GUN OWNERS….NEED TO STAND UP AND BE HEARD!! WOMEN AND MEN BOTH!!!

    1. There is no gun owner alive who would push for removing guns from the hands of public citizens. That would be disarming yourself. I don’t believe a word of your story. I doubt you’re female or a gun owner, and your claims are an obvious, common, and extremely well-known false-flag tactic. I could just as easily go on Huffpo and say “I AM A BLACK COMMUNIST LESBIAN but we need to lower taxes and ban gay marriage” and I’d still be more genuine than you.

      Your use of ALLCAPS to produce EMPHASIS is characteristic of someone trying to appeal on an EMOTIONAL level, a tactic used only by the stupid and ingenuine, and your particular use does not come off as stupid.

      The point which has been made by the people commenting here who aren’t paid shills for the totalitarian anti-gun crowd is that this guy is demanding stricter gun laws and the removal of the NRA in a region with some of the strictest gun laws in the US, where the NRA has virtually no political presence. Your post indicates that you’ve read none of the other comments, in spite of your rampant spamming of “EDUCATE YOURSELF SHEEPLE” to every single comment thread on the page, all of which are hilariously vague to the point that Madame Cleo herself would be impressed by your cold-reading abilities.

      I smell a rat.

        1. I didn’t, because it would be stupid to try and spot-kill every single comment it made, but several of the “EDUCATE YOURSELF, READ MY LIES BELOW!” posts are actually not even remotely relevant to the threads they were attached to. Someone would comment on your spelling or make a joke and that gets “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?”

    2. The NRA helped pass a 2009 Mental Health Act that was never funded thanks to Democrat San Fran Nan Pelosi and never instituted since then. So are Democrats really for making positive changes or is it to continue to use guns and mental illness as a funding tool?

      The NRA is funded by individuals over 5 million members strong, not the firearms industry. The firearms industry has an organization to lobby for it. It is called the NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation).

      It is clear to me you are a shill for Brady, MDA-Bloomberg, LCAV or whatever flavor you are today, anti-firearms, anti-2A operative.

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