Rick Scott’s testicles finally dropped.

Just saw a quick press conference. He appeared pissed off and called (with numbers nd other data) what the election boards of Broward and Palm Beach are doing a FRAUD. He already ordered the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to investigate violations of Florida Law committed by the people in those election boards.  This is not gonna sit well with Liberals but I guess he finally realized playing nicey-nice with the assholes leads nowhere but losing.

I so wish he reached puberty last Spring.


6 Replies to “Rick Scott’s testicles finally dropped.”

  1. Oh, NOW Lord Voldemort decides to act. it wouldn’t have anything to do with that juicy U.S. Senate position he covets, right?


    Where in the hell was this anger, this fire, this dedication to Floridians, current & future gun owners in particular, earlier this year when he bent over for the same scumbags in Palm Beach & Broward counties that are now trying to cornhole him?!?

    Not so freaking fun when it affects you directly, ain’t it Scotty? 😉

    Ugh. I’m so done giving a %@#$ about these midterms.


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