That’s it, case closed.

The guy that got half his bicep blown off just admitted it was a good shoot.

Go home Kyle, ya done good.

I love that the prosecutors look like they got kicked in the balls.

The only question I have left is who can Kyle sue for putting him through the ringer needlessly.

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By J. Kb

15 thoughts on “Rittenhouse should get a summary dismissal in his favor”
  1. And they gotta worry about George Floyd’s relatives threatening the jury unless they get “justice ” by a guilty verdict or ” they gonna burn shut down”. Justice by mob rule.

      1. Because it keeps them in the media’s attention and keeps money going to their gofundme campaigns and other scams.

    1. Yea, that’s the kind of crap ADA Binger might say. He already tried to claim that anyone using a gun defensively against an unarmed person or persons should be tried for murder, because a gun is never justified if the attacker is unarmed, or something.

      Although, if that’s his position, he should have no problems dropping the attempted murder charge now, since that guy was armed with a gun and actively tried to kill Kyle. Zero problems. None. That charge just imploded, good and hard.

      That it hasn’t been dropped — and won’t be — shows this prosecution for what it is: politically-motivated punishment of a free citizen for exercising his Constitutionally-protected natural rights against the Left’s allies, the criminal class.

  2. I have not seen one word about this Wisconsin trial in the media BUT places like CNN have got a team of people in Georgia doing continuous as it happens reports of the Aubrey trial? Biased much?

  3. And just think: The defense hasn’t even presented its side of the story yet. This is still the State’s presentation of guilt.

    OTOH, the “unlawful possession of a firearm by a minor” charge is still undecided. As Andrew Branca noted yesterday, it’s a Hail Mary on the part of the prosecution, but if they can show that Kyle’s possession of the firearm was illegal — and further, was a provocation of the attacks on him — then he could lose the “innocence” portion of his self-defense claim. (That’s quite a stretch, though, given that Kyle wasn’t the only guy with an AR-pattern rifle but was the only one attacked, or that nothing about his demeanor or actions that night were provocative other than the rifle itself.)

    That misdemeanor charge should have already been dismissed, seeing as the statutory language doesn’t apply to Kyle or his circumstances. But for some reason the judge hasn’t yet ruled on the motion to dismiss, so it’s still in play.

    1. An additional thought: Gaige Grosskreutz is the guy who has a civil suit pending against Kyle Rittenhouse for damages resulting from his injury. (It’s “pending” because it’s waiting on the outcome of this criminal trial.)

      If there is any justice left in the world, this testimony should put the kibosh on that, too.

  4. Directed verdict not a dismissal. Otherwise some a@@ of a prosecutor can and will charge him again. The suit for malicious prosecution is going to be epic.

    1. I’ve seen it said, and I agree, that Kyle walking away free is not justice.

      Justice would be Kyle walking away free and rich.

      As in, 7-figure settlement against the city and state.

      (Which would also not be justice. The DA should also be a named defendant in the civil suit, in his personal and professional capacities, for the malicious and politically-motivated prosecution in spite of the mountain of exonerating evidence. Unfortunately, immunity will probably win out and he won’t pay a dime, professionally or personally.)

  5. The real question is how many domestic terrorists, tyrant politicos, and gestapo thugs need to be put against a wall and shot like the subhuman animals they’ve repeatedly proven themselves to be.

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