Yesterday, I spent a lot of time trying to get people to understand that “just because there was a delay, it wasn’t automatically wrong”. There are times when not going in is the right thing to do.

Uvalde was NOT one of those times

There is also no way to automatically say “if they didn’t go in, they were cowards!”.

Do please tell me what is the explanation for cops to stand around while children are being murdered.

I felt pretty strongly that without more information, we couldn’t jump to any real conclusion and that, If we waited, we’d get the info. Now we have it.

And none of it favors the Uvalde Cops

-It wasn’t scared cops hiding outside (like we saw in Parkland).

I guess they were waiting for the manicure to dry?

-It wasn’t a lack of awareness of proper tactics (like we had in Columbine).

There were NO established tactics for active shooters implemented prior to Columbine. They came after that awful lesson.

This appears to be a bad call by the on-scene commander who, for whatever reason, thought that he should employ “barricaded subject” tactics instead of “active shooter” tactics. At least that’s the official report.

They chose a scapegoat already? Everybody else skates free I guess.

I find it hard to understand, however, how ANY of the cops on the scene could have interpreted the situation that way if, in fact, there were still shots being fired inside the school at the time that call was made.

They were obeying orders because the on-scene commander declared “barricaded suspect.” And no, that is not a fucking excuse, they should have said “Fuck you” and go in anyway like the Border Patrol Agent who eventually took out the Asshole Shooter Salvador Ramos currently roasting in Hell.

It also appears that, before that call was made, one or more officers CHOSE not to follow the threat they were engaged with into the building. THAT is a horrible violation of tactics and duty that I don’t understand. (Like we had at the Pulse Nightclub)

Maybe they got lost or had to go pee or it was their lunch break. It could not be cowardice, right?

It seems that if they had, one of three things would’ve been different:
1. They could’ve stopped the shooter from barricading.
2. They could’ve stopped the shooter.
3. They could’ve been physically incapacitated.

No fucking shit, Sherlock.

In the case of #1 or #3, it is likely that the commander, knowing officers were in the building would have been less likely to make the mistaken call.

Or like in Pulse, they would have been ordered OUT of the building too.

Again, I think we’re going to learn more over time that will give us more and/or better answers. And, as always, we will learn from the incident and be better prepared in the future.

Not from you, that is sure.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

19 thoughts on “Rob Pincus excuses the Uvalde Cops.”
  1. Rob Pincus is the gun industry version of David Hogg. No matter how many times you flush, that narcissistic turd just continues hanging on to the rim. He’s just in it for the grift.

  2. Yall old guys remember that case in dc where two women got repeatedly raped and one managed to call the cops? The first time the cops knocked on the door, got no response and left.. the second time they DROVE through the parking lot.. in the ensuing lawsuit it was ruled cops have NO DUTY to protect individuals…this will be the outcome….

    1. Right, no legal duty, we know that. Moral duty, that’s an entirely different thing.

      It seems pretty clear to me the Uvalde selectmen should disband their police department. Doing so would save a pile of money and, by available evidence, make no difference in public safety.

    2. Warren v. District of Columbia, Castle Rock v. Gonzales, DeShaney v. Winnebago County, Lozito v. New York City . . . time and time again it’s been ruled and upheld (based on the Public Duty Doctrine) that police have no duty to protect. None.
      And time and time again the weak men of the police agencies will use that precedent and case law as an excuse to stand idly by while people are maimed, raped, and murdered.

    1. He’s a legend in his own mind and a reliable rent-a-quote for the news agencies that want to have “reasonable gun person” on to appear like they have some semblance of balanced reporting.

  3. Isn’t he the same guy who refers to non-concealed firearms as “Open Carry @$$hattery”?

    Because there’s NEVER a good reason to carry unconcealed, right? Hot weather, greater comfort, quick access, “Second Amendment Evangelism” (a.k.a. cultural normalization) … none of it. We have to keep the free exercise of our God-given rights a secret from the world*.

    … Actually, I think I now understand his position. He doesn’t want his precious Boys in Blue to get in trouble confronting lawful gun owners carrying lawfully UNconcealed firearms. Ergo, when he says we non-“Only Ones” must conceal our guns, it’s not for OUR benefit; it’s to protect his “Only One” butt-buddies from harassment charges.

    Because training officers to respect citizens’ rights is just too much. Instead, WE must alter OUR behavior to accommodate THEM.

    What an @$$hole.

    * – Never mind that when the free exercise of rights must be secret, “Nobody knows anyone who does it.” It then becomes that much easier to restrict those “unused” rights. Kinda like they did with NFA items … after artificially limiting the supply of NFA items so that very few people own them.

  4. Can I be a dick in regards to Rob “The Bitch” Pincus?

    FUCK ROB PINCUS. I wouldn’t piss on him if his guts were on fire.

  5. active shooter or shooters was something that was talked about in the 1970’s at least it was in europe. remember the red army fuckups ? or the bader/mam assholes ? it was simple, go in, find the fucker doing the shooting and kill him/them.
    when lives are on the line, you do not, check you gear for strings or if you have proper clearance or what the fuck.
    you go in and stop it. a plan for something like that takes all of 2-3 minutes.
    they are just fucking cowards. it WAS your job to stop shit like that. fire every last one of those assholes

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