I make no bones about not liking Trump. I have many reasons for disliking him, and while many are “feeling based,” they’re concrete enough to be discussed. I can tell you WHY I don’t like him, and why I don’t think he’s the right President for this country, at least right now. My dislike doesn’t descend into hatred or vitriol, though.

I don’t like Biden, either. I have many diverse and concrete reasons for not liking him. I believe that another four years of Biden would cause irreparable harm to America, both as a country and as a people. My dislike, as with Trump, doesn’t mean that I hate him or that I spew nonsense about him.

The problem I have with the current political climate is that there doesn’t seem to be any middle ground. On one side, we have Trump, defender of the American Way, making America Great Again, looking to please the Republican voter base. Along the way, Trump is alienating undecided voters, pissing off a lot of Democrats, and pissing off a number of Republican ones, too. On the other, we have Biden, who is just plain incompetent. He’s not capable of deciding what to eat, never mind the direction a failing country should be going in. He’s just signing whatever people put in front of him, and that’s leading to a ridiculous level of decay. IMO, of course.

When I talk to people who support Trump, I often hear about how awesome he is, how great he is with money, and how he understands the downtrodden. I also hear about how Biden is a pervert, a traitor to the country, and that he’s invested in seeing that abortion is available up to and after birth. When I talk to Biden supporters, I hear about how “at least he’s better than Trump,” and that things haven’t been “too bad” with him. And then I hear about how Trump is a horrible person, how he’s a rapist, how he wants women to be caged like animals in the home, and that he wants to get rid of all the gay and trans people and put them in concentration camps.

What I hear, in the random flow of words that surround me on social media, is untruth. It’s rumors and lies. I hear as many about Biden as I do about Trump. If we could prove Biden was a pervert, he’d have been impeached by now and we’d be rid of  him. If he was a traitor and it could be proven, same. I haven’t seen any proof that Trump wants to push women back into the stone age, or that he wants to ban gay people, or round them up. This hysterical anger, these flashy words, aren’t truth. They’re nothing but rumors and lies.

I still don’t like Trump. I still don’t like Biden. I don’t think either of them are going to take my country in the right direction right now. They and their voter bases are too polarized, too opposite. Anything that includes the two of them is going to be another toss of the coin. I don’t think America should have to deal with yet another toss of the coin. That’s not how our government is meant to be chosen.

I am terrified that Biden’s people are going to successfully get rid of the Electoral College. I’m afraid that Trump’s people will be able to get abortion banned in all states, for all reasons, with no exceptions. I’m worried that Biden’s Democrats are going to allow innocent children to do surgical and hormonal changes to their bodies before they are old enough to make decisions about themselves. I’m concerned that Trumps Republicans are going to make birth control (and other women’s medical concerns) harder to get, or impossible to get. I’m scared that both sides are more interested in lashing out at one another, that they aren’t going to actually work on making things better for the country, as a whole.

There is no one else who’s even remotely likely to get onto the ballot at this late date. We’re looking at another toss of the coin. And it’s wrong. This is not freedom to choose, nor is it freedom to live. This is a sham that offers no real choice. I wish it were different. I want it to be different. I don’t know how to help make it different. And frankly, I’m aware that attempting to make it different means that pretty much everyone will hate me.

This is very truly a “behind enemy lines” post, though not from the Democrat side. Not from the Republican one, either. I’m in No Man’s Land, watching the war go on, knowing that the people fueling it aren’t the ones who’ll TRULY pay for the outcome of this next battle. The People, WE the People, will pay… and the price is too steep.

Hagar the depressed

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By hagar

33 thoughts on “Rumors and Lies”
  1. For me it’s simple. Trump is not my friend, but Biden is my enemy. I remember back in 2020 having a conversation with a friend who asked me how I, as a Christian, could support Trump because he clearly did not share our views on some aspects of morality. I told her it was simple:

    1) Trump is a very flawed person.
    2) Biden is a very flawed person.

    That’s a wash

    1) Trump acknowledges that his behavior has been wrong. He claims conversion and repentance, but who knows. He may still do a lot of stuff, but he is open that it is a failing.
    2) Biden simply lies about it, and does not acknowledge that his behavior is wrong.

    To me, this like looking at two alcoholics. One acknowledges that he’s an alcoholic, has joined AA, and is living one day at a time. He still falls of the wagon, but he’s working on it. The other is an alcoholic who only admits he occasionally overindulges and says that he has no problem. He falls off the wagon, but says it’s nothing.

    Plus one for Trump

    1) Trump is actively friendly towards theologically conservative Christian principles and is not interested in persecuting theologically conservative Christians because of their beliefs. Note that theological conservatism and political conservatism are different things, though they overlap. That’s different than *being* a conservative Christian.
    2) Biden, while claiming to be “devout,” actively advocated persecution of conservative Christians for their beliefs.

    This is important to me. Plus three for Trump.

    1) Trump is an active supporter of Israel, even when it is not politically advantageous. He is the cause of the Abraham accords and the move of the embassy to Jerusalem
    2) Biden is an active supporter of Iran, jihadists, and enemies of both the US and Israel. He has given hundreds of millions, if not billions, to Iran, the Taliban, etc. He is a supporter of Hamas.

    Plus one for Trump.

    1) Trump is a proponent of free speech and of Second Amendment rights. Trump does not support “debanking” and other forms of social control.
    2) Biden is a fan of censorship, despises Second Amendment rights. Biden is a big fan of social credit systems.

    Plus five for Trump

    1) Trump does not support the weaponization of the law (or at least did not demonstrate this when he was in power). This may change, but his inclination is clearly against it.
    2) Biden has destroyed the legitimacy of the legal system through politicization.

    Plus four for Trump in my book.

    So, for me, it’s +14 Trump and +0 Biden.

    But for me, it’s mostly about my faith. Trump is essentially neutral and vaguely pro-Christian. Biden, or at least the Biden Administration, is actively anti-Christian in my personal opinion. Trump may not be my friend, but Biden is actively my enemy.

    1. This makes a lot of sense, even if I have personal disagreements. 😉 I get what you’re saying, and I agree with the sentiment. I just want our country to do better. We could do SO much better.

  2. I dislike most of Biden’s policies. I am also not entirely in favor of granting the states full power over certain things (abortion being the current hot-topic) because of the abuse of power we’ve seen by some state governors at the expense of the people (and I realize that some legislatures took steps to rein in gubernatorial power.) Trump’s personality is abrasive, but I know other New Yorkers who are like that. Biden’s personality struck me as oily, something I also dislike. Of the two known evils, I think one is markedly less dangerous in the long run.

    I strongly agree that policy questions and serious discussion are being drowned by emotion and knee-jerk behavior, and I wish people would stop yelling past and over each other.

    1. I think the yelling over one another and the knee-jerk behavior, as you call it, are what get me down the most. I know there are policies of “the other side” (from whatever vantage you’re at) that are going to be dead wrong by your reckoning, but we need to actually look at stuff. And we need to make some effort to unify the country, and that’s exactly the opposite of what I see happening.
      The idea of a civil war terrifies me. It should terrify everyone, especially if you’ve read your history. Neighbor fighting neighbor, illegal war footing on domestic territory, families torn apart… the end result might be better than what we have now, but I doubt it will be better than what we could have, if we worked together instead.
      Sometimes when I’m in a long, drawn out argument with someone who’s stuck in a repeating rut (which is what I see happening on the Dem side of things, and to a much lesser extent, on the Rep side), is I will repeat my statements until they’re acknowledged. As an example…
      “I posit that the Second Amendment is all the licensure I need to carry a firearm.” When the Left comes back with talk about deaths per capita, I repeat, and ask what it has to do with my statement. You don’t get anywhere fast, but at least in my experience, I do eventually get *somewhere*. Once you can force someone to talk plainly, and stop hiding behind mitigating language and gaslighting, you have a much better chance of finding an *actual* middle ground.
      When responding to the Left or Right, I do very similar. I will sometimes simplify my points so they’re easier to read and understand, but I will say the same thing repeatedly until either someone actually refutes my statement (which does happen) or they admit they have no rational response to it. It’s simple Pavlovian training; only positive responses from the trainee get *any* response from the trainer. In dog parlance, if they don’t play nice, I turn my back on them and deny them my attention until they perform properly.
      Does this take time? Fuck yeah. Too much time. It’s not going to help with this election. That shot was blown months and possibly years ago. But it could help with the next election. It could help with smaller, more local elections.
      As a country, we have forgotten how to communicate with people we disagree with. And while I’ll easily concede that the current fracas was started by the Left, it’s being bolstered up by the Right at this point. Too much pointing fingers and yelling, “He started it!”
      Mom voice: I don’t give a shit who started it. I want it ended. NOW!

  3. If we could prove Biden was a pervert, he’d have been impeached by now and we’d be rid of him.
    That’s funny. Was his daughter lying to her own diary?

    1. It wasn’t meant to be funny. The bottom line is, if we had something to impeach the man with, we’d be doing so. There just isn’t enough hard proof. A diary from years ago, used without permission, might be damning but it is not hard evidence.
      Unless you’re implying that the Republicans have purposefully left someone in office when they have actual hard evidence that would stand up in court?

  4. what Im seeing is the exact opposite of what you are saying- what is happening to Trump is making democrats rethink voting democrat. the republicans who are “pissed off”are (I believe) already Trump haters. Trump may or may not be a good choice, to me and many I know he is the ONLY choice…

    1. I hear you… I suspect our differences in experience is due to where we live. Regardless, I don’t want to see the “least bad” choice in office. The fact that we’ve now put ourselves, as a country, into this VERY SAME POSITION more than once depresses me incredibly.

  5. Hagar:
    Good points, all of them. I do not agree with everything, but my opinion is just as valid as yours. One point I would like to bring up.
    This election is not between Trump and Biden. They are the figure heads, little more.
    This election is between the Sovereign United States of America against the globalists. The leftists that attend the WEF in Davos, and the COP meetings. Their plans cannot permit a country where individual freedom exists. They cannot reach their goals of ensuring only the “elites” enjoy the luxuries, while the undesirables are forced to live in 15 minute cities and have their energy usage monitored while the average American says “not so fast…”
    The reason why the eGOP is against Trump is they are in on it. They enjoy the power of it. Trump is a threat to that. Biden is not.
    Everything that Biden has done since his inauguration has supported the one world globalist agenda. Crippling the US energy independence, opening the border, supporting destructive regimes around the world, pushing for excessive gun control laws, etc… etc… etc… All of it supports the Davos crowd’s goals.
    Trump got us out of the Paris accord, killed the Iran nuclear deal, and made the US energy independent, and Biden destroyed all of that on day one. Why? I do not know. Perhaps he wanted to paint himself as the anti-Trump, or maybe he really is aware of what he is doing, or perhaps his handlers just had him sign whatever. Regardless, the outcome is the same. The globalists are gaining ground against US sovereign citizens, and Biden is helping.

    1. I don’t really think Biden has any idea what he’s doing. I think he’s just a senile man being abused by his handlers. I’m not sure Trump knows what he’s doing, but he’s sane and in relatively good health.
      AWA has suggested that, this time around, Trump has a much better idea of how to be President, and that it will be reflected in the next four years with him in office. I hope that is the case. I don’t *believe* it, but it’s one I hope to be proven wrong about. I have no problem being proven wrong by having someone wildly succeed at an endeavor.
      However, if Biden and Trump are “just” figureheads… then they’re absolutely shite at their jobs. Leaving Biden aside, Trump is not a good figurehead, in the least. He doesn’t “look or feel” presidential. Those “mean tweets” prove that. Now, he might *be* presidential behind all the bad press, and he certainly got many things done in office… but that figurehead part IS important, imo, and he failed at that.
      I want to see someone in office who acts with respect toward all the people of the United States (even the stupid ones, sorry), who stands up as a force to unite the country. We have enough outside enemies. I don’t want internal ones.

      1. Reality is Biden is an empty shirt, but he is the presumptive nominee. Whether he, or his handlers are making the decisions is a meaningless point. The decisions are being made.
        And, so far, I have not seen any decision that supports the USA over the globalists coming from this White House administration. The opposite is actually what is happening. Deliberate efforts to undermine US sovereignty, and subvert our standing in the world.
        Further to that, personalities are secondary at best in my choice for President. Trump is a bully, full of bluster, etc… Then again, take a look at your favorite sportsball league. What is the personality of the winning head coach? I will bet it is not “nice guy, who is inclusive.” Bill Belicek springs to mind. Does he “look” Presidential? No one cares, he wins.
        Now I do disagree with something you imply in your response. The implication is Trump does not treat all the people of the US with respect, and I disagree with that. Yes… he may be a bit trashtalky too often, but he has not, in my experience, disrespected any groups. Watch him at his rallies. Does not matter what your skin color is, does not matter if you are pierced and have a dozen colors in your hair.
        He will embrace you, and say you are beautiful. A dude in a dress would get the same treatment.
        Now, if you want examples of disrespecting people of the US, I need look no further than the Biden speech in Philadelphia, or Hillary’s deplorables remark.

        1. In regards to your head coach commentary, I *always* have the option of choosing not to watch the game. It literally has nothing to do with me. Whether the team wins or loses means nothing at all. I don’t really have that luxury when it comes to Presidential candidates. I mean, sure, we CAN just ignore it… but that’s largely how we got into the mess we’re currently in.

  6. This is very simple for me. I was better off under Trump than I have been under Biden.
    Gas was under $2/gallon. Now its over $3/gal.
    Unemployment was incredibly low – it was easy to find a job. I am terrified of losing my job in this economy.
    Inflation was under 2%. Real inflation is over 20% (Forget the BS numbers that the fed feeds you – use the same numbers we used back when Jimmy Carter was president. Yes, food and fuel were used back then.

  7. It’s often been said that people wish they could vote FOR someone, but all too often the best they can do is vote AGAINST someone (by voting for the other guy). “The lesser evil” is another way to put it, a true one in spite of being a cliché.
    It seems to me you’re saying this election is like that, perhaps more so than usually. I suspect a lot of people feel that way. For me it isn’t hard to choose who I prefer, but it certainly has a bit of the “lesser evil” in it, and I certainly don’t view my choice as being 100% (or even 90%) the right guy. But he’s clearly, to me, a far better option than the other guy.

    Come to think of it, this reasoning is why any number of libertarians vote for major party candidates (typically the Republican) rather than the Libertarian candidate — pick the one that’s “close enough” and has a chance of winning. I used to wonder about this, changed my mind gradually. Part of it was the influence of L. Neil Smith’s writing; he was as serious and principled a libertarian as you could find anywhere, far more than most of the politicians carrying that label. At some point he started explaining why voting mainstream party was the better option.

  8. Pretty simple to me.

    Which one is VIRULENTLY HOSTILE to the Second Amendment?

    Which one is a sock puppet of OBUNGHOLE, Klaus Schwab, Soros and all the other globalists?

    Which one is FLOODING our country with millions of illegals including literally hundreds of thousands of MILITARY AGED MEN with NO ties to ANY women or children?

    Which one belongs to the party of Hillary, Schumer, Feinstein, Schiff, Hochul, Bob “Goes the WEASEL’ Ferguson, other AGs, governors and members of Congress that wipe their butts with the Constitution on a DAILY basis?

    I’m voting for Trump.
    No contest.

  9. Thank you, Hagar, for the thought provoking thoughts.
    I can’t add much to what’s been written above, except perhaps to point out one thing.
    Given that one has no choice one would consider “good,” I would suggest one consider the benefits of making the choice on the basis of reversibility / recovery by following administrations and Congresses.
    The concerns you express re Trump/Repubs (abortion and birth control) are readily reversible by the next administration and Congress even should T/R go nuts about them.
    The concerns you express re Biden/Dems (killing the electoral college, allowing child sex change transition) are either extremely hard or impossible to reverse, ever, albeit for very different reasons.

    1. I agree with you, Boris. But I do worry. Especially about birth control, honestly… Abortion, if it’s *truly* left to the States, is a non-issue for me at this point. So long as a woman can go somewhere else to get one, it’s moot. The world is tiny these days, and travel is (relatively) inexpensive. But birth control is something of vital importance, and I’m unfortunately seeing more and more self-professed rightists saying it’s “against God” and therefore shouldn’t be allowed.
      The God thing, too, is becoming an issue. Even here in NH, where we’re pretty free. I officiate at weddings occasionally, and one of my couples went to get their license on Tuesday. They were told that “they’d better find a Christian minister, because anyone not of the Gospel wouldn’t be legal for them.” They’re not Christian, and they were just aghast. They called me in a panic. It’s not true, of course, and they have their paperwork, and I’ll be officiating for them in a couple of weeks. But that kind of thing appears to be ramping up. What happens when a couple *doesn’t* have someone like me to explain the laws, and takes it as truth? The issue of “God says” is an issue that appears to be connected very intimately with the Right, like it or not.
      I don’t know if you read Robert Heinlein at all, but he’s been rather oracular about the American future. He’s been right, over and over again, if off by a few decades here and there. The next major coup that happens in America, per Heinlein, is “the time of the Prophet,” and I fear it. I really do.
      See some of the stuff I read above. I want to see someone step up who is determined and dedicated to unifying the country, rather than tearing it apart. 🙁

      1. “The world is tiny these days, and travel is (relatively) inexpensive.”
        For the moment.
        Get four more years of Biden caving into the Davos/WEF crowd, and your ability to travel will approach zero. Just look at the agenda from the COP 20 or COP 21 conference. Flights restricted to one short haul (1500 miles or less) every three years by 2035 (if I remember correctly.)
        We can argue all day long about whether abortion should be legal, or marriage is exclusively a sacred Christian right, or other stuff. But, when the US Government starts letting other countries take the reigns in the US, it will all be moot. Cowtow to the UN, which places the most countries most hostile to women’s rights on the woman’s rights committee, and see how abortion and birth control works out in the US. Trump will strive to keep the US as a sovereign nation, Biden is actively trying to destroy our self governance. (See the WHO pandemic treaty for proof of that. The various environmental accords, etc…)
        In other words. Vote for Trump, and you might have a bit of a tougher time getting an abortion.
        Vote for Biden, and you are almost assured abortions, and birth control, and well… most fundament woman’s rights end up restricted. (See Iran and the Taliban for an idea of what is in store.)

  10. We have photographic PROOF that biden is a perv. Dozens of pictures and videos of him inappropriately touching little girls and women. Not to mention what was revealed in his daughter’s diary… and that’s before we even get into the evidence of his criminal activities…

      1. Ask the DOJ that question.
        After, what… 9 years of almost constant investigation into Trump, they came up with… a paperwork error?
        But, how many years of investigation was Biden subject to? Oh… almost zero.
        It is tough to charge someone with a crime, when you refuse to investigate the crime.

  11. Like Trump or not the reality is he is the only person with evens snowball’s chance in hell of winning. NOBODY else who isn’t owned outright by the commie left has ANY chance at all. He isn’t perfect. Far from it. But he’s a damn sight better than any of the career politicians who would normally be the candidate.

    1. Exactly!
      This is not Trump vs. Biden.
      It is the US as a sovereign nation, versus the globalist/Davos/WEF/COP crowd.
      Every action one candidate has taken while in office supported the globalists’ plans, the other candidate undercut their plans. Choose the candidate who wants the US to remain independent.

    2. Again (and again, and again, I say… not to you in particular Dan, but just in general) I say that I want to see someone in office that is interested in unifying, not tearing apart. “A damn sight better” isn’t good enough for what is *supposed* to be the greatest country in the world.

  12. So let me see if I get this straight: Your two major issues with Trump is that him or his people will ban abortion and contraception in all states. Biden’s list is republic ending. I’d add that you missed that Biden’s inflation, prosecuting political opposition, and warmongering with Russia and China.

    So on one hand, end of life as we know it in this country, on the other, Ashley and La’Cretia may not have big brother gubermint to compensate for their poor life choices. Tough choice that. FWIW, nearly every republican and conservative I know considers abortion a done deal. It’s in the states where it belongs. And banning contraception is the mother of all lefty dog whistles that I’ve just recently started hearing over and over – from lefties. So’s abortion by the way.

    Trump has always been the least worst choice. And this time around, it’s not even close. Sure, he’s a loudmouth and a pig (Which seems to be the writ I hear against him from women), but he’s at least cognizant. Voting for Biden is voting for the reptiles in the shadows that are really running things.

    FWIW, Odds are that they won’t run Biden. Anyone they could find younger with more than two brain cells to rub together would probably win against Trump. Problem is that person is a rarity for democrats.

    1. I have many issues with Trump. Those are the two I chose to bring up, mostly because I’m technically “representing the left” (ish) on this site. But yes, I consider those to be some important issues. And yes, Biden’s list is huge. I don’t deny it at all. This was not about “voting for the least worst.” It was about the horrible situation we’re in, and how R and D alike are perpetuating it.
      I find it interesting that your immediate response to me was to be condescending and rude, rather than actually to converse. *shrug*
      I’m curious who you think they HAVE to run except Biden. I don’t see anyone else. They’ve cleared the field. It’s possible they will attempt to get him in with Harris, then have him removed for incompetency, but even that I’m not sure will happen. The left actually like the guy, and I really REALLY don’t get why.

      1. I fell like I’m even more frustrated than you, like on your behalf. You are making a point at least in part about the piss poor state of the political system and how maybe we should address that so all the choices don’t always boil down to the least worst option and people just keep hand waving you and saying, yea but at least option b doesn’t suck as bad as option a.
        I’ve been saying the same thing for years. People don’t address the point that the process is fucked if it always boils down to pick the option that is least worst. Eyes glaze over and its like they can’t comprehend it. And yes, I’ve witnessed this first hand in person numerous times. This relates to what you said earlier as well, rarely is the actual point of many arguments addressed directly. Frequently that is because a rational response doesn’t exist. Maybe just a frequently they don’t understand the point being made to begin with. And as you say, the yea buts and hand waves are often not relevant to what is being asserted.
        We are all in an abusive relationship with our political process and government. Too many have not realized that yet and are happy to continue the hand waving and excuses instead of addressing the process issues.

      2. I was meaning to be sarcastic. The president and federal government have no place meddling with affairs such as abortion and contraception. No one right of center is going to touch them, most of all contraception. Those two are hyperbole and I found it surprising how you mentioned them right up front as opposed to putting in a “besides, him an his ilk [will do whatever]” statement. Your arguments are usually more solid.

        I really don’t spend any time dithering over politics, especially with regards to democrats. So I have no idea who they can cough up but it won’t be Harris. Best guess I’d have is one others have had, Gavin Newsom. He at least can appear sane. BTW, it isn’t because Harris is a dolt, which she is. It’s because she’s a Clintonista from what I recall. It’s why she doesn’t mesh with the power structure there. I heard that way back when she was nominated. I’m sure that’s one of the reasons they are still trundling Biden around.

        In the end, it doesn’t matter, does it? Biden, or whoever is pulling the levers, has us on pretty much an unavoidable collision course with misery. Trump getting elected won’t change it one bit. With Biden, we’ll be going over the cliff at full throttle. Trump? Maybe he downshifts to 3rd gear. Still going over the cliff though.

  13. Our voting process is freedom to choose! Do you wise to be disemboweled and quartered with a dull rusty soup spoon or a dull rusty tea spoon! Yay choice!
    The logic is trump appointed justices that ultimate over turned roe and that are eyeing gay marriage now. I was surprised the overturned roe, figured that was more or less a done deal, though I always found the decision being made in a right to privacy flimsy, especially in context of a country that violates that right every way possible on a microsecond basis these days. Why not park roe in the infinite breadth of the 10th amendment and really give the 10th the balls it should have? Anyways that’s beside the point I guess, that’s their thought process, with roe overturned I can’t really disagree though “locking women in cages” and “banning gays and trans” seems a bit hyperbolic of what likely would happen. States like CA,CT MA, NY, NJ etc will never ban abortion or gay marriage regardless of what daddy fed says, they already flagrantly ignore immigration law.
    We as gun owners also seem to forget that trump banned bump stocks, which should be an automatic disqual but we seem to be satisfied as a group to have him piss on our leg and believe him when he tells us it’s raining.
    Trump also should pardon snowden and assange to truly establish himself as anti corruption, anti swamp, outsider but that’ll be about 8+ years too late at this point if he actually does that…

    1. Thank you Lendard, for bringing up the bump stock thing. That one really threw me for a loop. I cannot equate that ban with being 2A positive. Sure he’s more positive than Biden… but so’s my bunny rabbit, the cabinet that holds my pots and pans, and just about everything else.
      The problem I see, as we go forward with things at the State level, is that we’re going to have the country become this big separated mess. That’s … not how I see our country. Sovereign states supporting the country as a whole, is how it’s supposed to be. I don’t want to have to give up my gun rights and my freedom of speech in order to have freedom to marry someone or smoke pot. I want it all… and this is the United States of America, folks, and we ought to be able to have places where that’s the case. *sigh*

      1. Its not a 2A positive, but our political and voting process is everyone is content to just “Close your eyes and think of England” instead of having any meaningful choice. Much like a dictatorship, I guess there at least used to be some strength to be had by having limited choice in the matter, but ultimately one side or the other of a turd is still the same turd after all.
        It is already a mess, but it will certainly get messier. Really puts it into perspective why federalism didn’t work out so great. Its the old insanity of varying gun laws we are used to dealing with, now turned up to 11 and in your face to the average normie.
        Totally agree with you though, you shouldn’t have to choose one set of rights over the other.
        Tangentially related, did you know you actually have to PAY the government money to renounce your citizenship? Lol.

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