As reported by NBC Bay Area:

SF Mayor London Breed Declares Local Emergency Amid Coronavirus Outbreak
There are no confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus among San Francisco residents

On the one hand, I’m glad to see a city government taking the Coronavirus thing seriously.

On the other hand, the homelessness, vagrancy, human feces on the streets, and tent cities have already caused typhus.  If the Coronavirus were to hit the homeless population of San Francisco and Los Angeles, it would spread like California wildfire.

The declaration of the local emergency will help mobilize city resources, accelerate emergency planning, streamline staffing, coordinate agencies across the city, and allow for future state and federal reimbursement.

Dr. Grant Colfax, director of the San Francisco Department of Public Health, said the declaration allows the county to put more clinicians on call around the clock, along with nurses and case managers.

“It allows us to look at things like shelters and other opportunities for us to expand in the event that that’s necessary and do a broader assessment of the city’s capacity to respond in the event that there is an outbreak of coronavirus in San Francisco,” Colfax said.

This means what exactly?

Is San Francisco going to do anything about the human Petri dish sleeping on city streets that has the potential to be the city’s top vector for infection?

Person transmits Conronavirus to vagrant.  Vagrant spreads Coronavirus in tent city, drug dens, etc., to other homeless.  Infected homeless spread out in the city and transmit the virus to people they come in contact with at shops, BART stations while panhandling, etc.

We have already seen in Los Angeles, how typhus brought in from outside the country spread through the homeless population and infected city workers in City Hall.

This emergency plan doesn’t seem like it is going to address the single greatest disease threat to San Francisco. This feels like willful blindness to me.

Furthermore, in true Progressive fashion, the city assessor has to make this into a race and intersectional victim issue.

Of course, when the Left talks about racism, they mean among the Right.

I have not seen any racism regarding the Coronavirus.  I’ve have not read about bands of roving Rednecks beating up Asians who sneeze.

What I have seen is legitimate questioning of the response of the Chinese government, which like all Socialist/Communist/Authoritarian regimes is not transparent and often lies to make itself look better.

But I guess that is the Left’s newest definition of racism.  It is racist to question authoritarian, totalitarian governments.

If there are questions like “why are we allowing flights in from China or Tokyo?”  That’s doesn’t mean “why are we letting in those people?”  It’s “why are we allowing people to enter the country from known outbreak hotspots?”

So it seems like San Francisco is not taking Coronavirus seriously.  It’s going to continue to ignore the homeless vector for infection and it’s going to lecture us about how our concerns regarding foreign travel and a totalitarian regime handling a deadly outbreak are racist.

I have a feeling that a woke response will be a broke response and if Coronavirus comes to San Francisco they will totally fail to address it properly.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “San Francisco is going to fail in its Coronavirus response”
  1. “So it seems like San Francisco is not taking Coronavirus seriously. It’s going to continue to ignore the homeless vector for infection ”

    Maybe it is intended to be ignored. No poop in the streets if there are no poopers.

    1. I’d be cynical and say you are right, but it’s not. They don’t want the poop problem to be solved. The poop problem allows them to say they need more money for the homeless and to tax the dot com startup millionaires more. That money doesn’t go to the homeless but to catered events for government workers to attend to discuss how to solve the homeless problem.

      Actually getting rid of the street poop would end their gravy train.

      1. Correct, and this applies to every government agency or program allegedly aiming to end X. The actual end of X would spell unemployment for the parasites working there, so their actual efforts are to leave X in place, and if anything to make it (or make it appear) worse over time so as to excuse a larger empire and more tax money.

  2. Viruses and bacteria do not discriminate based on pigmentation, plumbing, or preference. Unfortunately, the leftists in charge of San Fran are too wrapped up in avoiding any appearance of bias that they will outright ignore the threat from homeless, or allowing unhindered travel from infected areas.

    Net result, San Fran will likely be the entry/spreading point for the disease.

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