Sarah Sanders can have this one free of charge

“The last time Germany spent that much to get Russian oil, it cost them 3.5 million troops.”


2 Replies to “Sarah Sanders can have this one free of charge”

  1. Note that the German government (and others) is lying through its teeth. It repeatedly promises to go to 2%, then reneges. A week or two ago, Merkel said (in the German parliament, I think) that they were intending to go to 1.5% by 2024.
    As various people have pointed out, they sure don’t act like they believe in the mission of NATO. That mission is to keep the Russians out. Never mind the pipeline, lobbied by Merkel’s predecessor who’s been purchased by the Russians. Just consider the threat: it would be logical that if you’re closer to the threat, you’d be more concerned. So why are we, who are least at risk, spending the most, while “front line” countries don’t really care? If they don’t care, it seems only logical that we shouldn’t, either.

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