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SC lawmakers propose 7 percent gun fee for added security in schools

I think mine is more accurate.

With the General Assembly back in session beginning Jan. 8, we’re taking a look at some of the proposed legislation up for debate.

Two Democrats in the House of Representatives are proposing a new 7 percent fee to every gun sale in the state, with proceeds going towards school resource officers.

Rep. Wendy Brawley of District 70, and Rep. Ivory Thigpen of District 79 are behind this new proposal set to be discussed in the Ways and Means Committee. They tell WIS-TV that more than 600 schools across the state are operating without school resource officers- mainly due to a lack of funding.

It’s estimated that this proposed added gun fee will generate another $22 million in revenue each year, which Brawley and Thigpen say could help provide more safety in our schools.

They also say this is not anti-gun legislation, and are hoping to gain support on both sides of the aisle.

Yeah… bullshit.  This isn’t anti-gun legislation, it is anti gun owner legislation.

Cook County, Illinois has a $25 per gun tax.  That tax goes into a fund to repay Cook County hospitals for unpaid medical expenses accrued by uninsured gang members shot during crimes.

Seattle has a tax on guns and ammo which raised a paltry $93,000 to fund “gun violence research,” i.e., anti gun propaganda.

The Seattle tax had the side effect of causing the gun stores (those that sold primarily guns, and not general sporting goods stores) in the city limits to close down as people bought guns outside of the city.  Driving gun stores out of business through taxation was probably part of the Seattle plan all along.

These taxes have been considered a thumb in the eye to law abiding gun owners. There is no evidence that the guy who goes into Cabela’s to buy a new deer rifle and fills out a 4473 and passes a NICS check is going to increase the gun crime rate.  Making him pay for a the medical bills of a drug dealer or pay for anti-gun propaganda to be used against him is wrong.  The people that pay it resent it, and clearly gun owners try to buy guns outside of the counties that impose these taxes.

Now two South Carolina legislators want to do the same thing, state wide.  They want law abiding gun owners to pay for a problem they are not contributing to.

If the state needs more money for school safety, they can add a fraction of a percent to property taxes which already goes to school funding.

This just targets gun owners because these legislators do not like gun owners, not because of any moral culpability that law abiding gun owners have for school shootings.

Maybe some Republican legislator needs to propose a 7% tax on Xanex and Boxed Wine so that the moms who ignore their crazy kids’ red flags contribute to school security.  That’s at least a little more tangentially related to school shootings than some hunter’s new deer rifle.


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “SC Lawmakers are being dicks to gun owners”
  1. Cook County, Illinois: $25 additional tax on firearms.
    Seattle, Washington: $25 additional tax on firearms (IIRC).

    Proposed in South Carolina: 7% additional tax on firearms.

    Please note that in most cases this is a MUCH higher tax than Seattle or Cook County collect. 7% of a $350 firearm is close to $25, but how many guns cost more than that, sometimes MUCH more than that?

    Nearly all of them, if you value quality (as most of us do). $350 is a CHEAP gun.

    A precision long-range scoped rifle, like a dedicated hunter might purchase, could run $1,200 to $1,500 (or more, but let’s start there), for which the tax is $84 to $105, or 3-4 TIMES as much as anti-gun areas charge. And that person is extraordinarily unlikely to contribute to “gun violence”, but still has to pay.

    Want to know who WON’T pay the tax to help cover the cost of “gun violence”? The criminals who engage in “gun violence”. Their guns are purchased/traded/acquired in illegal transactions not subject to taxes.

    But punishing violent criminals is hard, and dangerous. It’s much easier and safer to punish law-abiding folks who aren’t doing anything illegal.

  2. They represent Richland, which is one of the worst counties for black on black crime and robbery… No surprise…

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