I went to Lowes for more safety chain for the U-Haul trailer I’m pulling.

It comes with the DOT safety chain in case your hitch fails.

I wanted chain to padlock the trailer to the truck so it’s harder to steal the trailer by disconnecting it from the truck while it’s  parked.

So I ask for two 5-foot lengths of 5/16 trailer chain while holding some heavy duty padlocks.

The Lowes person and I have this conversation.

“What are you trying to secure?”

“I’m not”

“What’s the chain for?”

“Chain fights.”


“Chain fights.  Two men enter, one man leaves.  You’ve never beat a man with a padlock on a chain? ”


“It’s a hell of a rush.”


“Chain fights.”

I’m gonna get banned from Lowes.



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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Screwing around at Lowes”
  1. Oh this is just great, you’re mind kind of people.

    Be the reason someone has a story to tell each day.

  2. Remember to back the trailer doors up to a solid barrier like a wall every time you stop and leave it unattended. Block the doors shut even if it is only by a short retaining wall.

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