These are people that buy guns more for collecting cool shit rather than tools to be used and collected. Like the other individual said, if you need a gun RTFN and have a shitty budget, a Hi Point or anything that manages to go bang will fit the bill.

The idea is to survive, not to model the latest cool gun from the summer collection of Boutique Gun Store.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

19 thoughts on “Seeking death by stupid snobbism.”
  1. Oh, and I knew a guy who had a hi point 9mm pistol AND carbine….. they went BANG. EVERY SINGLE TIME…no malfunction EVER. My buddy Pat has a Llama copy of a 1911, had it forever. It looks like a rollickin pos…. Goes BANG every single time.. price dont mean reliable- look up Mercedes Benz….

    1. Or Boberg. I like my XR9, but I have to verify each ammo type. And the XR45 just isn’t reliable at all (bad magazine design, I believe). Too bad, it’s a great gun when it feeds correctly.

  2. I’ve put more cheap rounds through more Hi-Points than I have cheap rounds through Glocks. And the failure numbers are much higher on the Glock side than the Hi-Point. And the used Glocks had an even higher failure rate. If my choice is a new Hi-Point for $200 or a used Glock for $300, I’ll trust the Hi-Point more. If I can spend the money for premium ammo and brand new Glock? Sure, but then I’m not in the market for a Hi-Point anyways.

  3. My broke ass in college in a shitty apartment in a shitty neighborhood had a Hi Point in 45 ACP loaded with Walmart Winchester White Box JHP. Got an eBay flashlight mount and a mounded a Walmart LED flashlight to it. It worked every time and was minute of paper plate at 25 yards.

    For under two bills it did it’s job until I made enough money to get better.

  4. And remember, there is a special place on hell for people killing with Hi Points where they are endlessly mocked. Don’t you want to send a bad guy to special hell.

  5. I have one gun that I bought new, all the rest (pistols & rifles of several brands) have always gone BANG when I pull the trigger. I don’t collect, I have always acquired guns to USE, they ain’t pretty, they ain’t the bestest of the best, they just work. Fuck elitists of all stripes, in all fields of stupid.

  6. While I rarely frequent this corner of the Internet I’m sure the original S&W Shield has been demoted to “you’ll get killed carrying that” status since it lacks the fashionable double stack a la SIG P365. The funny thing is I paid used gun money for my Shield because it was $250 plus FFL fees when PSA had a truckload sale.
    I consider Hi-Point ugly and clunky but basically reliable and their warranty is excellent Also my favorite cheap ugly gun the Ruger P95D is no longer cheap.

  7. There’s a group of guys that formed a motorcycle club that meets up regularly at their “President”’s house across the street from the 7-11 I work at part-time. Cool dudes, mostly in the 40-50’s age range with a few in their 20’s, mostly all blue collar guys like mechanics and roofers… Every single one of them rides a beat-to-shit Harley, Honda, or Enfield. They don’t care what you ride as long as it’s got two wheels… and as long as you ride it.

    Anyhoo, I bring this up because one of them has a patch on his vest that I think is relevant here: “$20,000 and 20 miles doesn’t make you a ‘Biker’”.

    There’s a lot of “gun guys” who have spent $2,000 on their gun, put twenty rounds through it, and spend the rest of their days preening on the internet.

  8. Guns like the ruger security 9 exist for a reason. Also various police trade in pistols.

    Does a hipoint work? Yes. Is it worth spending the money on one only to “upgrade” to something better a short time later? Probably not. Might as well spend a bit more to get something decent the first time.

    If you need a self defense firearm for residential/property defense at the lowest price possible a basic pump action shotgun will get the job done with less to worry about/go wrong than bottom barrel semi auto pistols.

    1. “Might as well spend a bit more to get something decent the first time.”

      If you have the money, yes. If all you can afford is a Hi Point, fuck it, get it.

  9. H&K
    I have all of them.
    Hoping to have a couple of Colts sooner rather than later.
    Still want a couple Hi Points though. Would take them over Glocks. 😀

  10. I’ve bought guns new in the box. I’ve bought guns that were ordered for me from the supply house. One of them qualifies as a carry gun for me. The glock would qualify as a carry gun but I’ve not put enough rounds through it nor carried it enough to be comfortable with it as my carry gun.

    But the guns I love the most are my older guns. Yes, I have a pretty lever action in 45 Colt. It lives in a display case with a SAA in 45 Colt as well as a BP SAA. But it isn’t my go to fun gun.

    My fun guns are some Winchester Model ’94s in 30-30. Or a couple of no name AR15 platforms.

    I’ve carried guns where gun guys told me “That will get you killed, it isn’t reliable.” But every gun that I’ve used as a carry gun *has* been reliable.

    My Kimber 1911 feed beautifully except for one Colt mag. I gave the mag away and have had no feed problems with it since.
    My Kal-Tec never jammed, never failed to feed, never stove piped, never failed to extract. It was a nice reliable pocket pistol.
    My Remington 1911 was a POS which I traded for a Colt 1911. The Remington stove piped and failed to feed and failed to extract. Even a trip to the factor didn’t fix it. It never qualified as a carry weapon.
    My Sig whatever is my current pocket pistol. Again reliable as heck.

    There are fun guns and there are work guns and there are carry guns. Not all of them are the same. I’m just happy I have a wife and job that allows me to have a few in different categories.

    Heck, I’m pretty sure the Military Style 45-70 Rifle is a fun gun.

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