Senate Chaplin and retired Rear Admiral Chaplin of the US Navy, Barry Black decided that the opening prayer for the Senate was a good time to castigate Republicans on gun control.

If you find yourself thinking “man, it feels like every institution and tradition in America has been corrupted by the Left and turned against us,” it’s because it has been.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Senate Chaplain goes full partisan hack”
  1. Hmm. Wonder what the reaction would be if the Office of the Senate Chaplain got defended?

    “Separation of church and state”, old boy. Certainly you are in favor of THAT, aren’t you?

    (popcorn for sale, right over here!)

  2. That blather was weak rhetoric disguised as a prayer. Lukewarm milquetoast gurgled from a caricature. Notice how he dared not to speak the name which is Jesus.

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