I’m glad his show is getting blasted, fuck him.

He and Sarah Silverman made a series for Netflix that’s effectively a Woke, anti-traditional Christmas tirade.

Two people who call themselves Jews made an offensive Christmas movie.

Fuck them.

Two Leftist just fed the alt-Right a big red meat Christmas dinner of “the Jews are leading a war on Christmas” antisemitic fodder.

How the fuck do you think we’d like it if Mel Gibson made a Hanukkah movie about a Cabal of Jews scamming people for money?


Golden motherfucking Rule, assholes.

Show respect to get respect.

This obscenity paints a fucking target on my back you red diaper baby Hollywood Leftist piece of shit.

On behalf of all sensible Jews everywhere, I denounce these Leftist piles of garbage.

What they did was wrong.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Seth Rogan needs to STFU and go away”
  1. With the name “Santa, Inc.”, let me take a wild guess: Christmas is a made-up, capitalist “holiday” invented by global mega-corporations to increase profits by shaming the poor into buying products they don’t need with money they don’t have.

    [UPDATE: I just looked up the trailer, and it’s even worse. Have you sat through “Sausage Party”? It’s all that — an animated movie that kids will beg to watch but would be near-criminal to show them — applied to a Woke “Christmas” story in which a presumably-minority, female elf wants to take over as the “new Santa”, but the old Santa and the “board of directors” are all old white men who won’t give her the time of day. Not because she’s new and inexperienced, but because racism and sexism, and because all of you who celebrate Christmas are racist and sexist. And that’s not implied; it’s explicitly stated.]

    My first thought was, Is there anything in this movie that doesn’t equally apply to that Most Revered of May Holidays, Mother’s Day? (Or how that Most Reviled of June Holidays, Father’s Day, is a pale joke in comparison?)

    And now my thought is, Is there anything in this movie other than a profanity-, racial-slur-, and dick-joke-filled attempt to destroy Christmas? And I’m thinking the answer is, No, that’s pretty much the whole point.

    I didn’t think my opinion of Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman could get any lower, but this is a “Hold my beer” moment for them.

    And the fact it’s getting blasted cannot be because they made an intentionally-offensive crap movie that nobody likes or wants to watch. It must be because “white supremacists”. Right….

  2. Critical Drinker is my absolute favorite thing about Youtube.. Quite honestly, one of the few things for which I will purposefully go to that wretched hive of scum and villainy.

    That and Pittsburgh Dad.

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