Miguel posted screen shots of Sheriff Scot Israel’s press conference, but I found the whole video on YouTube.

This is the most incredible display of arrogance I have ever seen on TV.

Let up remember exactly what Governor DeSantis said in his executive order.

Go read the whole thing, it is beyond damning.  However the statement released about the EO sums it up pretty well.

lease see the statement below from Governor DeSantis on the suspension of Sheriff Israel:

“Sheriff Israel has repeatedly failed and has demonstrated a pattern of poor leadership. He failed to protect Floridians and visitors during the tragic Fort Lauderdale International Airport shooting in 2017. He failed in his duties to keep our families and children safe during the devastating shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018. These incidents demonstrate Sheriff’s Israel’s repeated incompetence and neglect of duty. The families of the victims deserve accountability. It is my job as Governor to ensure that the safety of our local communities, especially the safety of our children, is paramount. Government officials must be held accountable for their actions, and/or inactions. For these reasons, I am suspending Sheriff Israel from office effective immediately.”

Sheriff Israel bumblefucked the response to the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting, then a little more than a year later (January 6, 2017 to February 14, 2018) made exactly the same mistakes in his response to Parkland.

He failed to learn from his first fuck-up which made his second fuck-up a bloodbath.

The Governor also lit into Sheriff Israel’s department for not doing anything to prevent the shooting despite the overwhelming evidence that Nikolas Cruz was  going to be a school shooter.

How did Scot Israel respond?


“It’s been a wonderful six years” is a disgusting statement.

He can reject the statements made in the EO but the EO reiterated what the Parkland Shooting Commission said, laying out all the evidence against Sheriff Israel.

Scot Israel’s statement here is even more out of touch and grotesque than his “amazing leadership” quote to Jake Tapper on CNN.

He did exactly what I said he was going to do, he made himself a martyr to gun control and he NRA.  He postulates that he was fired for speaking up against gun violence after other mass shootings and that it was an NRA axe to grind which is why he was fired.

That multiple other Sheriffs and LEOs condemned his multiple fuck-ups and incompetencies in a a commission drafted by a bi-partisan act of the Florida legislature is of no consequence to him.

No wonder he was such a fuck-up.  This is a level of arrogance that is beyond measure.

He is a truly disgusting human being.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Sheriff Israel’s remarks”
  1. Sun sentinel has an illuminating article about the location of Israel’s press conference. I think this parts summarizes Broward County politics.

    ““From everything that I see, [Israel] has a diverse staff, so him leaning on the community he has a strong relationship with and a long-term relationship with would have more weight than someone who’s had problems with the African American community,” DuBose said.”

    He is a good Sheriff not because he enforces the law but because his staff is diverse and kids and dogs like him.

    Give it six months and they will be calling the new Sheriff an Uncle Tom.

  2. “He [Scot Israel] is a truly disgusting human being.”

    The word yer looking for is *twatwaffle.* 😀

    Let’s use that in a sentence: Scot Israel is a twatwaffle.

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