Initial reports blame the AR15 for the guy going stupid and there is even a video of the event.

This is one that will be abused by the usual Gun Control Suspects as proof that we need to ban them nasty Black Rifles.

They will be oblivious to what took us all of two seconds to figure out: The fact that if somebody could get that close with a camera, something as simple as a .22LR revolver would have ended the situation quickly.

So today, while they pontificate about “We don’t need weapons of war in our streets! (Unless it is cops, military and security for the pols, rich and famous) I will be busy today with this baby.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

14 thoughts on “Shooter in Marina Del Rey”
    1. Ya Miguel, what pray tell do you have planned for…….the complete build. I used Faxon and Aero Precision and Striker to build my PCC and still have it setup to be ATF compliant—still thinking if I want to revert it back to a brace.

      1. Upper is a KVP, but the lower will not mate with the upper. I can mate the KVP with a regular PSA lower (and it shot) but the PSA upper will have the non-mating same issue with the Spike’s lower.
        About to sit down and Google some shit.

        1. Also curious, what length barrel are you planning to use? After researching the ballistics of a 9mm +P+ or +P rounds I found that the best velocity and energy occurred with 9-11″ lengths. I went with a Faxon 9mm Taper 10.5” Nitride Barrel

        2. Well that sucks perspiring equine reproductive organs.
          I’ll be interested to learn what you find, esp. whether it’s tolerance stackup or incompatible design elements. The latter, in my experience, is much more common in AR-10/308 platforms than -15s, but my experience in the PCC world is at best limited.

          1. Boris I built mine with the purpose of reaching out to 140 yds. With the 10.5″ barrel and Lehigh Defense Xtreme Penetrator +P+ 115gr zeroed at 120 yds. achieved a 3.5″ above line of sight at 70 yds, and 3.6″ below line of sight at 140 yds. which is perfect for all hostile engagements out to 140-150 yds.
            This build also fits perfectly in a Eberlestock Big Trick Pack with or without the SBA3 Brace. with a 22 rd. Glock mag in the lower. Also holds 6-33rd and 2-50rd mags with no problem.
            Other than this application, I see no reason to own one. My EDC pistols hold 22rds. and handle everything from 100 yds in. So I wanted to reach out another 50 yds with reliable accuracy for combat.

            1. I’ve no objections and it sounds like a good build. (Also nice to hear of someone else using Lehigh’s stuff.)
              Just to clarify, my comment re suckage was aimed at Miguel’s fitment experience, not your barrel length choice.

              1. No, my fault for not being totally clear with my comment. Actually I am in agreement with your original opinion, it was exactly what I thought when considering the idea of a 9mm PCC but then I did a little research and concluded that a +P+ round in the ideal barrel length would be the only reasonable build but it had to also fit in a small pack which would hold plenty of 9mm ammo for a longer engagement weapon to use prior to going to the pistol for a closer engagement.
                lol, I’m always looking for even the slightest reasoning to acquire a new firearm. Thanks for the response Boris.

  1. isn’t it interesting that just when democrats are orgasming over new gun control rules they foisted upon We the People an “active shooter” incident just majically happens….
    “active shooter” now THERES a made up non-word… doesn’t kalifornia have 9 billion “laws” democrats passed fixing gun violence???? works great huh??

    1. Interesting point – seems to me, according to the gun grabbers we’re all passive shooters … active shooters-in-waiting.

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