I have heard from J.Kb. that the patches are not yet in his hands. It will be a couple of days still. I’ve marked the product as being on backorder.

I’ve reached out to a supplier for shirts, hats and such. It is possible, but the cost might be higher than we want to pay.

So far, we have “Don’t Break The Perimeter” and “The Second Amendment Applies to Everyone”.

For something larger:

Hosea 8:7
For they have sown the wind,
and they shall reap the whirlwind:
it hath no stalk;
the bud shall yield no meal:
if so be it yield,
the strangers shall swallow it up

Hagar has a couple of shirt designs in the works. We just need to be able to source them at reasonable cost.

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By awa

3 thoughts on “Shopping! Update.”
  1. Some additional suggestions: What is the official GFZ logo? I see the black banner at the top of the page with “Gun Free Zone” but that’s a banner, is the official logo a smaller version of that banner? Might I suggest a circular black patch with the same font as the banner has with the acronym “GFZ”, in the center and spelled out on the outside perimeter centered at twelve o’clock with the year of inception centered at the six o’clock position. The diameter should be as large as possible but small enough fit on a pocket or hat, and a version of it should be in the sidebar of this webpage, etc. And might I suggest an exterior accent color, border at the outer edge of the circle, perhaps dark blue or Chrysler Blue, because a GFZ should be Black-n-Blue.
    As to the usage of Biblical passages taken out of context, well, I myself, would not mix any religious theme-based ‘stuff’ with a Gun Free Zone… in my most humble opinion, they don’t mix well and could possibly leave a bad taste in a potential buyer’s palate. But then again, well maybe not, (having an argument with myself here) the idea of mixing Bibles and Guns, I have always stayed away from, even though we’ve all participated in such things recently here. But offering opinions on a blog as opposed to wearing it in the general public, I believe are two different………things. I’m thinking marketing here, nothing else.
    I found it interesting that you sighted the O.T. Israeli prophet Hosea’s warning to Israel (transliteration from the Hebrew) “For they sow wind and reap tempest: it has no stalks; shoot brings no fruit; and even if it brought it, foreigners would devour it.”
    In this passage Hosea was directed by Jehovah God to condemn Israel and pronounce judgement against abominations and apostacy due to the transgressing of Jehovah’s Covenant and trespassing against Jehovah’s laws. Therefore, the nation shall be swallowed up, first by starvation, followed by enslavement, which became true when the Assyrians were used by Jehovah to punish His People in 721 B.C.

    1. The powers that be had a covenant with us and such covenant in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
      They have transgressed that covenant, and they should mend their ways.
      Hosea applies.

      1. Ok Miguel, thanks for the explanation. Makes good sense. Let the presses roll. Sometime my education and my reluctance to allow it to cross over to this realm, clouds my abilities and my understanding.

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