So, this just happened.

A bump against a door frame and it snapped like it was made out of crackers. And it happens to be a Comp Tac and not some fly-by night Kydex folder from a gun show back lot.

I am looking for something leather, snaps and it has to be a double because I always carry 2 spares minimum. All recommendations welcome.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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21 thoughts on “Single stack 9 mm double mag pouch anyone?”
  1. I always liked the double mag holder made by desantis myself.
    it leather and open top ,slide on your belt. I guess old school type.
    but I carried one for years now without any issue with it.

  2. I love these by Safariland. They are metal. Especially if you put the clip on the outside and the mag between your belt and pants:

    I’ve also come to love these:

    Gould and Goodrich makes good mag pouches if you want to leather.

    I’ve gotten in the habit of using two single pouches instead of one double just because it’s easier to position them where I want on multiple pairs of pants were belt loops may not be in the same place.

    The problem you’re gonna have finding exactly what you want is that you are carrying 9mm single stack mags. DeSantis makes a pouch like you want but only for 9mm double stack. I know, I have the same problem with my shield.

  3. I’ve been very happy with Alien Gear equipment. They have their “Shape Changer” system which I use. One shell which can be moved to different platforms.

    I’ve got shells for 1911, glock, and a few others. They just work.

    They have a mag holster that comes in four sizes. Single or double stack, large (.45) or small (9mm). Pick what you want, they adjust to have the tension you want.

    For mounting the mag holsters can be attached to a paddle two side by side or to snap on belt loops. Each mag holster comes with a platform attachment so you can wear them IWB or OWB.

    Give them a look.

    My only complaint is that I’ve not been able to get a shell for my H&K USP nor my Kimber 1911 for the shape shifter system

    1. That’s really odd re the Kimber. Reason I say that is, I also have a Kimber 1911, and an Alien Gear holster for generic 1911s fits it quite well. Does yours have a rail or something else unusual about the particular model?

  4. I have only ever purchased one holster, from . Nice people (or just one, I’m not sure). The reason I went there is that I needed a Boberg XR9 holster, which they offer and few others did. Some even insulted me when I asked. I don’t have their mag carriers but the holster is well made, solid and very well fitted to the gun. So I expect the same to apply to his other products.

    1. “Boberg XR9 holster, which they offer and few others did. ” — ah, the joys of shopping for something out of the mainstream. BTDT.

  5. I have used the Blackhawk! Double mag pouch in competition without any breakage.

    Midway USA has several leather open-top choices.

  6. I have Blade Tech gear on my competition rig. The Signature Series is only double stack and 1911 they make an M&P Shield 9 sized carrier in a different style that looks like it would fit.

  7. Not sure what you mean when you say it needs to have snaps. This one has snaps on the part that hooks to your belt, but it’s open top so if you mean a snap cover, doesn’t have it.

    Adjustable Tension. I’ve been using this for my Ruger LC9 10 round mags for over a year now and I really like it. Comfortable, easy to put on and take off, conceals well and holds the magazines securely.

    1. Forgot to mention, the snaps are the military style “pull the dot” style that only release when pulled from the right direction, which makes it very secure. No worries about it coming unsnapped by accident.

  8. I’ve used and abused a ton of comp-tac gear in IDPA and 3gun with no problems. I’ll bet they will correct this if you contact them.

  9. DeSantis makes a double leather mag pouch. I used it for my single stack .40, and use it for my current .45 single.

    It can be carried either vertical, or horizontal and has belt loops and pull the dot snaps.

  10. I’d suggest the Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Double Pistol Mag Pouch in wolf grey.

    It’s nice and light, but super durable. It’ll hold single or double stack magazines. It works great with Kahr magazines

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