Nothing fancy. No Smart TV or 4K – 5K definition. Just a 40″ 1080p  to substitute the one we have right now. Mom used a liquid cleaner not compatible with the screen and left a streak that has been progressing in size.  I hd some money saved, some eared given to the missus for her dental stuff and did my research and found a nice Samsung under $200 in Wallyworld. Perfect!

And then Beto opened his mouth. I went pavlovian.

Meet F.I.T. (Fake Irish Taco) that will go with the unused stripped lower that I had mentioned some time ago.

10.5″ upper

No brace just to avoid future hassles if they were to come.

Just don’t tell the wife. I have to come up with an excuse to explain its presence. “It followed me home”, It was dropped in our stoop in a basket but without a note”, ‘it fell of the nest and I couldn’t let it die”…. something

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

5 thoughts on “So I was supposed to buy a new TV”
  1. I feel your pain: wants me to order it.

    Price for the stripped lower isn’t a problem. It is the cost of shipping and the transfer fee.

    The good dealer is $40 per firearm transfer.

    The local dealer is $35 per firearm transfer (not sure if it is per firearm or per 4473)

    Oh, and did you know that if you purchase 2 or more pistols or things that could become a pistol, the ATF has your FFL fill out a special little form that is sent to the ATF with all the cute information about you on it as well as the make, model and serial number of the pistol and/or receiver that could become a pistol.

    So if you want to save on shipping and pick up two at once, you will find yourself on another government list.

  2. Go ahead and put a brace on it if you want.

    Personally I plan on never making an AR type as a SBR again as long a arm braces are allowed.
    If IF Someone were to get the ATF to Ping Pong themselves again, it wouldn’t be like having a bumpski stock (which is still being litigated).

    As I understand things, if the ATF decided that a brace was a stock, everyone who has one would have two options. Since SBR/SBS are still being made, 1, One could send in the registration, like when Secretary Bentsen declared that certain shotguns were Destructive Devices, or 2 Simply ditch the brace and go on from there.

  3. “Hi, Honey! Look, a Ma Deuce seed! The nice guy at the gun store told me if I finished it up and shot it a lot, and watered it with FireClean, it would someday grow…”

    Yeah, that didn’t work for me either. But a man can dream…

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