By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

6 thoughts on “So you open your back door and find this staring at you.”
  1. Looks like a cane toad. Handle with care – they exude a nasty and deadly poison if stressed, but do have legs like turkey drumsticks.

    Knowing your enemy/dinner makes all the difference. Shooting the thing makes it pretty much inedible. Napalming it probably will overcook it. The TV shows say to hold it around the ribs (may want to wear rubber/latex/nitrile gloves for that) and use a big-ish knife to remove the legs, skin and rinse them, dredge them in seasoned flour, and fry in lots of oil.

    stay safe.

  2. I’d say Cane Toad, or Colorado River Toad. Either way, it looks like Jabba the Hutt, or one of those froglike unclean spirits mentioned in the Revelation to John. Or Rosie O’Donnel.

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