I saw Miguel’s last post and it reminded me of a story from a couple of days ago.

Cruel couple allegedly abandoned 6-year-old girl on busy NYC street

A heartless Long Island mom and her boyfriend allegedly abandoned her terrified 6-year-old daughter on a crowded Queens street, tossed garbage bags with the girl’s clothes out the window and drove off, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Patrice Chambers, 29, and Mark Pamphile, 28, are accused of forcing the child from her mom’s Nissan Altima at the intersection of 140th Avenue and Springfield Boulevard in Laureltown at 11:25 a.m. on Monday.

Minutes earlier, Pamphile called the girl’s father, who lives nearby, and allegedly told him in a voicemail, “You better come get your daughter…she is crying like a little b—h,” a criminal complaint charges.

Pamphile called back and allegedly left another message threatening to leave the girl on the street if her father didn’t send him $200, the papers say.

Shortly after Pamphile left the voicemails, Chambers, who was behind the wheel, allegedly ordered her daughter to exit the passenger side door then tossed several plastic garbage bags with the child’s belongings out the driver’s side window.

As the car sped away, the frightened child was captured on surveillance video running into the street to pick up the bags and loose items of clothing that had fallen out.

The boyfriend throws away a little girl and the mom helps.  That’s the part that really floors me, that the mom participated in this.  As a father I can’t imagine deliberately putting my child in harm’s way, and this mom did because the girl was crying.

There are some truly evil people in this world.  These are two of them.

Also, I just want to toss this point into the ether:

Miguel’s post was about a mother who drowned her son, mine is about a mother who abandoned her daughter on in an intersection in NYC.

I hear all the times about how “if there were more women in power” or “if there were more female leaders” or “if women ran the world” how we’de usher in an era of peaceful utopia.  It seems to me that women are just as capable as men as monstrous evil that harms the weakest amongst us.  I never seem to hear anything about that.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Some people just need killing – Queens mom and boyfriend edition”
  1. Re the last paragraph in the post…

    Thinking about it, the “women would rule the world into a peaceful utopia” thought is really just a variation and subset of the “people are all intrinsically good” line of thought. Both are related to “communism can work because…” arguments.

    Really, all of the above are founded on an idealistic view of all, or part, of the human race.

  2. Women in lots of countries do really nasty things esp to men. In America alcohol and drugs play a large part in mothers cruel streaks coming through

  3. Women can be much more cruel and terrible than man can any day of the week.

    Proof? Have you ever heard of a “mean boys club?”

    Seriously, not kidding about this. It starts early in life, and gets worse for some women. The queen of the mean girls club grows up to be an ultrabitch. At a minimum, she gets to be President of the HOA, at worst, she ends up governor and petty tyrant of an upper midwest State.

    Men are much kinder. They will just kill you if needed. Making you suffer, that is the parlance of the feminine side of humanity.

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