Somebody is betting big on Global Freezing

Found this morning at my Big Box Wholesale Store.

This is South Florida. We turn off the air conditioning maybe 3 weeks on a cold year.  The only wood to burn you find here are oaks and mesquite chunks for smoking ribs at the Home Depot.

Should I be worried?

6 Replies to “Somebody is betting big on Global Freezing”

  1. It’s like the insanity back about 20 years ago that everyone had to have a fireplace. We’d get into December and not have a night cool enough to justify lighting the fireplace, so these Bozos would run their air conditioner down as cool as they could so they could light their fireplaces.

    I wish I could say I was making that up.

    1. I owned a house in Phoenix, AZ once, built in the ’70s, with a fireplace. One December it actually got below freezing and I burned a presto log just to say I used the fireplace. Damned near drove me out of the house. Real pain to decorate around

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