I have been following the Twitter feeds of David Hogg, March for our Lives, and 50 Miles More.

Yesterday was the final day of their 50 mile march to Springfield, Massachusetts to have their rally at the Smith & Wesson factory.

For a march that they have been hyping for weeks I have seen only three pictures of it.

David Hogg had exactly one Tweet from yesterday from the march, and it didn’t include a picture.

March for our Lives has zero.  50 Miles more had four Tweets.

This one was the most telling.

That seems to be a lot of media and not a lot of kids.

Yes, the Jacksonville shooting happened yesterday but… that’s seeming to putter out fast.

For something that has been hyped for days and scored several kids prime time TV interviews, it seems to have ended with a weak fart noise.

I have a feeling that for middle class kids activism may be a fun alternative to a job during the summer but once class is back in session, there’s no time for nation wide marches and rallies.

I wonder if this is a sign that this “the young people will win” thing is dying off.

I feel like I should make a joke here at David’s expense:

Teenage activism is like teenage sex.  He built it up in his mind to be the greatest thing ever, then it ended really quickly and with a lot of disappointment. *Rimshot*




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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Something is missing from yesterday”
  1. It’s pretty obvious that photo is composed in such a way as to make the kids look like a larger group- and it is still underwhelming.

  2. “Demand for to….” they’d be better served getting their asses back in school and learning corrrect English grammar.

  3. It is especially telling that these young morons do not know that the spark that set off the American Revolution that birthed this great country was that the British Redcoats tried to seize the ball and powder stores (i.e. the key components for firearms).

    They also do not understand that democides (genocides done by governments) account for 250 million murders in the last century. If they truly feared Trump the last thing they would do is give up their right to be armed. Again..they are fools.

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