I’ve been dealing with some medical family issues and that means having to go to building structures with patients and doctors and microbes, etc. As you can see, I am not fond of Hospitals and that goes triple when a loved one needs a procedure so my mood was not the best when settling the bill. As I was dealing with the doctor’s office manager, I pulled my credit card and form of ID, namely my driver’s license and my Florida’s CWP fell off the wallet and right smack on the desk in front of the fella. He took a look at the card and said “A CWP! I love you!”

I was a bit taken aback. Yes I suspect the gentleman was of the softer side of males but it was not because of that but by the actual friendliness which he expressed. We got to talking as he was finishing my fleecing paperwork and he admitted that he had one too and that he had decided to arm himself after being victimized at a convenience store/petrol station. I congratulated him on taking his own safety serious and reminded him that we were in the fight for our rights as we are being attacked by politicians. He was slightly aware of something going on, but not at the level we do (we as in hard-core pro 2A activist.)

At the next visit, he warmly received us and I gave him my last Keep Calm and Carry sticker I got from the GRPC. He was happy and to my amazement, proudly showed it to everybody in the office who was envious for the gift. It the struck me: There is indeed more of us that I even figured out. They just simply are not as active or visible or thoroughly engaged as some of us.

This is good news. We have more supporters than I thought (not that we were short to begin with) and that means less chances for the opposition to forcefully install their jackbooted laws on everybody. These “low intensity” gun owners might not be as active as many of us, but they are sympathetic to our views and less prone to buy into the B.S. spouted by the Antis.

Our goal is to keep spreading the message no matter how tiresome it can get sometimes. It has a dual purpose: to get those doing the fence thing to see things our way and to get our low intensity gun owners to be aware and not being intimidated by the bullies of the You Must be a Victim Lobby.

Basically we get our rest when we bet the opposition or are sucking roots from the bitter end. An occasional vacation is allowed.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

8 thoughts on “Sometimes I need these reminders.”
  1. That’s why they anti’s try so hard to paint us all as super hard core right wingers. Easier to get the folks on the fence to go to their side if they think all of us are racist-homophobic-inbred-hillbillies with 4×4 trucks preset up for lynching. Hell comrade Ladd called me a homophobe during the great starbucks war of 2012 for openly “SUPPORTING’ gay marriage. Good job on just being awesome and doing things right.

  2. There are a lot of gun owners out there who are completely put off by rabid political extremists (on both sides of this issue, but I’m referring specifically to the pro 2A side).

    Personally, I consider myself moderate and don’t identify with either political party. If anything, I lean towards being liberal on most other social issues. I own guns, love shooting, and don’t want to see my rights unreasonably restricted by gun control.

    I’ve been looking around for activist groups to join, but so far all I’ve found are right-wing extremist groups. They don’t represent me, and I don’t want to be associated with a group that spends most of its time bashing the “libtards,” implying that Obama is the antichrist, or saying that all democrats should be put to death. Seriously, people, wtf? How is that even remotely constructive? All it does is turn away the more moderate people who would otherwise support your cause.

    Are there any moderate, reasonable gun rights groups out there? I’m looking for one that spends at least 50% of its time on the real issues, without becoming a mob of angry hate-mongers.

    1. Groups to join:
      NRA of course, Big gorilla at legislative level.
      SAF – Second Amendment Foundation. The bright boys that work at the Judicial level all the way to the Supreme Court…and win.

      There has to be an organization in your state. If I am not mistaken, yours should be http://www.mnccrn.org/

      or saying that all democrats should be put to death
      There are idiots on both sides. The Coaltion to Stop Gun Violence loves the idea of concentration camps for Gun Owners πŸ™

  3. I was getting some IGOLD (Illinois Gun Owners Lobbyist Day) handouts made at a local Office Max Depot Stapler recently and the older lady behind the counter remarked how she “really” liked my handout. As this is on the edge of Cook County I was not expecting that.

    It’s sometimes surprising where you find 2A support.


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