Moving day approaches and we have been busy. 90% of the packing is done and while waiting for the container to arrive, I am doing the obligatory painting inside the house to make it look “purty” for the realtor’s photos. The only area left to take care off is the living room/dining area and part of the kitchen which cannot be done till all the boxes stashed there are in the container.

I hate painting. That said, I went airless with both gun and roller. I would have lost my mind painting the popcorn ceiling, but thanks to the gun they actually look great , but I keep over spraying the walls and  getting runs. Nothing that a sander with 80 grit paper cannot fix.

At least the missus was smart and decided that we were going to hire a service to deep clean the floors. Having Mexican tile is not the greatest idea for flooring, trust me on that. It is triple cost to clean compared with what a normal tile floor costs. Good news? It is all done in one day. If we have to do flooring in the future, it will either be bamboo or some exotic artificial crap that can stand half megaton nukes and can be cleaned with a thought.

The only thing I have planned to do outside the moving stuff is to go to Mass after Governor DeSantis signs the expanded church carry bill. If something interesting comes along, I’ll take a break and post about it.

Oh yeah, the Surfside Building collapse  idiocy of the day.

Could recent Navy blast off Florida coast have contributed to Surfside condo collapse? (


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By Miguel.GFZ

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9 thoughts on “Sorry, busy as hell.”
    1. But I miss the sound deadaning they provide! Cannot stand all these hard surfaces in houses now adays. Good thing mine is mostly carpet

  1. Try Pirelli rubber tiles, we had some in a kitchen and they are quiet, reduce breakage of dropped dishes and last forever. They were originally designed for Italian subway platforms. The only drawback is they will never be shiny

  2. Quick trick to avoiding runs in paint w a spray gun: spray multiple light coats, giving enough time in between for each layer to be tacky, but not dry.
    Source: me. Paint booth, but spray guns all work the same anyway.

    1. I was figuring that this morning. The places where I had runs were those I gave an extra coat before letting the first one dry.
      PSL the new purple sandpaper? Worth it!

  3. hi, quick question.i have been a fairly regular reader but lately i haven’t been perusing pages of this fine blog soooo… who (well, i figured that out), where, why is moving? thanks

  4. What is “Mexican tile”? I’m guessing it’s tile with a porous surface that easily absorbs stuff; how is it different from ordinary, unglazed-surface tile?

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