I know this video has made its way around the internet and a lot of people have gotten a good laugh at this woman’s expense.

Then yesterday some nut job shot up another gun free zone.

Listen to this woman.  She pleads with the bear, she cries at the bear, she begs for mercy and tries to appeal to the bear’s better nature.  The bear eats her kayak anyway.  Why?  Because it’s a bear.  It is a vicious predator that eats what it wants, when it wants, and no amount of crying and pleading is going to make it stop.  The reality of the nature of the bear never sinks in with her, even as her kayak gets munched.  Now, there is the chance that she is stranded on a remote island in Alaska and could die of exposure.

Gun free zones are the crime prevention equivalent of this woman.  Advocates of gun free zones beg for mercy from two-legged predators.  They watch as animals rend and destroy and they cry and do nothing effectual to stop it.  The difference is that it is the rest of us that are stranded to die.  These people refuse to acknowledge the nature of the crazies, who see the words “gun free zone” printed on a sheet metal sign and ignore them, just like the bear does this woman.

These people can blame guns, the NRA, the gun makers, Republicans, law abiding gun owners, and everybody else in the known universe.  The one thing they never blame is the nature of the beast and their inability to recognize evil and face it head on is what costs the lives of too many innocent people.

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By J. Kb

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    1. Yeah, I said the same thing over at Unc’s blog. I couldn’t listen to her whining anymore. It made me angry.

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