In my last post, commenter Curby said this:

Show me the stats that prove those states have “5times” the “gun violence “… ny is a free fire zone. And again this shows how stupid liberals think we are that restricting honest citizens gun rights makes us “safer”… 🤢🤮🤮

The answer is, on paper they do.

The reason they do is pure Soviet style disinformation.

Simply, law enforcement doesn’t report the crimes.

They reduce charges, drop gun charges, don’t e enforce the law against illegal immigrants, etc.

So even though anyone with eyes can see the amout of gun violence that occurs, if there are no official reports, it doesn’t exist, therefore they have lower crime rates than Red states.

The NYPD has notoriously undercounted crime for years.

I expect one day every cop in NYC or LA or San Francisco to quit, and 911 dispatch shut down, and then the local government will say they have 0% crime because if there is no one to take the reports, it never happened.

It’s that simple.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Soviet style reporting on crime”
  1. They also conflate ‘violence’ w/ suicide by firearm. Yes, states w/ looser laws have more firearm suicide but not necessarily suicide overall.

    You’ll also get the same thing when they trot out Canada. Canada has X fraction of ‘gun crime’ compared to the US. What they always leave out is that the US’s Non-firearm violent crime is higher than Canada’s total crime anyway.

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