A buddy sent me this:


It’s real.  It’s on the MPD Facebook page.


Readers know of my contempt for influencers.

I can’t imagine how badly this will go.

Some slice of cheesecake in uniform, patrolling while on TikTok or Instagram trying to get those influencer dollars while on duty.

That won’t be a conflict of interest at all.

And what will the blowback be when Officer McSugartits gets shot while livestreaming to her two million followers.

The people running our civilization are coming up with such bad ideas they are dumping black pills into the drinking water like fluoride.


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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Speaking of police recruiting, I can’t see this going wrong at all”
    1. The Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia. The regular city cops, instead of one of the 24,601 federal policing agencies in the district.

  1. I think the idea was supposed to be “our police officers have all sorts of hobbies and interests – just like you!” With the “influencers” thing being thrown in by a bunch of middle-aged middle managers who have no clue what any of these things are… other than that hip new lingo the kids are using these days at the discotheque.

    I’m reminded string of the (in)famous McDonald’s I’d hit that! advertisement for their dollar menu cheeseburgers.

  2. I legit thought this was the Memphis pd before rereading and seeing DC. The reason? Cuz the MPD uses an identical style of marketing.

    Makes me wonder just how many city pds are doing the same.

  3. I cannot imagine starting a career in law enforcement right now. Find a different profession. Literally anything. Law enforcement is now a profession where you can do everything right and still wind up having your life ruined.

  4. Realize that for every “influencer” that can scratch out a handful of dollars a month on their content, there are thousands influencer wanna-bes. Same for gamers, foodies, etc… it is another example of wearing the “team colors” because it is in the news/trending. This advertising is aiming at that market.

    The problem I have is that some semi-attractive woman who thinks people are looking at her videos for what she says will get the job, and not realize it is hard work. And, it is not her getting shot while videoing that is the real issue. It is the demands from the recruits that the PD change to accommodate them, not the other way around.

    And, it will. To the detriment of the entire community.

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