Most of the gun blogs I follow have taken Mr. Wes Siler to task over his idiotic article about Ted Cruz’s particular method of carrying an O/U in the field.  I’m not going to break it down, that’s already been done before.  Mr. Siler is a biased hack, working for a biased “news” source.  Hacks gotta hack.  If this guy didn’t have dishonesty, he’d have nothing at all.

I’m gonna pick on “local hunter and lifetime NRA member Scott Nathan” who was the “authority” that Mr. Siler quoted in his attack on Ted Cruz.

“While his action is visibly open, he is still not in control of muzzle direction. In a break-action gun [as Cruz is carrying here] the muzzle should always point down.”

I guess.  Sure.  I’ve seen both methods carried in the field in SD and on the Sporting Clays range.  Cruz was taking to a reporter, so having the barrels over his shoulder rather than pointed at the reporter’s feet seem pretty reasonable.  But I digress.  It’s M.r Nathan’s later quote that gets me.

“He’s either a poser who doesn’t really hunt, or just a blindingly dangerous nincompoop,” concludes Scott. “He’s got moves like Cheney.”

THERE IT IS.  He pulled the Cheney card.  Ladies and Gentlemen, we found ourselves a Bush/Chaney derangement syndrome affected Fudd sporting an NRA sticker who is going to side with anti-gun Gizmodo.  Thank’s schmuck.  With friends like you, we’re gonna lose our guns.

P.S.  My father warned me about a politician who gets his picture taken carrying a double gun on a bird hunt.  It’s the easiest way for an anti-gun politician to “demonstrate” he’s for the 2A and not believe in it.  I’m not suggesting Sen Cruz is anti-gun, he’s a Republican from Texas.  I’m just saying there were plenty of pictures taken of Bill Clinton on a duck hunt and John Kerry on a pheasant hunt released during their respective campaigns, and we know where both men stand on the issue of gun control.

If I ever ran for President, your’e not going to see me carrying a double gun, going after pheasants.  The media will be too busy running pictures of me at a 3 Gun match with my AR with the “This Machine Kills Fascists” sticker on the buttstock.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Spot the Fudd”
  1. Cruz basically lost any support I was going to have for him(Canadian citizenship was already dicey even if he was basically discount Rand Paul) when he decided he wanted to make the campaign about funding and sink to Donald Trump’s level.

    Ironically, I don’t think anything could be worse for the Democrats’ chances than Trump getting on the ticket. I consider him, Paul, Fiorina, and Carson to be the 4 Horsemen of the Democrat Apocalypse this election cycle. And who do they have on their side? In the words of Bill Whittle, “An actual mummified Communist, a thin-skinned mean-spirited felon, and a man who could lock himself in his own car.”

    1. I’m not endorsing any particular Republican candidate. It’s the biased attacks that I am calling out.

      A Dem holding the gun in the same pose (Kerry) is called a sportsman and it’s said “here is proof he doesn’t want to take your guns away, he hunts too.” Except that holding a O/U doesn’t mean he supports ownership of handguns and assault rifles.

      With a Texas Republican, the headline is “He’s stupid.”

      Right now I’m a Yellow Dog Republican.

  2. God these idiots piss me off. These are the same goons who take issue with me carrying in a horizontal shoulder holster.

    Sorry guys, but a gun secured in a holster, and a gun with it’s action fully open and/or flagged CAN be handled in ways a loose gun in an unknown condition can’t.

    There are dudes who I shoot sporting clays with who like to rest the muzzles of their open shotguns on their boot.

    They’re such “posers” shotgun companies even make accessories for them!

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