Still living Rent-Free in Rick’s head

Kind reader sent me this screen cap from our dear @SFDB Rick.

And dear friends of Rick, he is right. Be careful, do not engage in Mob behavior or think everybody will take you abusive actions.  You want to discuss like civilized people? I am game. I am all for what John Thelwall expressed as the “Peaceful discussion and not tumultuary violence the means of redressing national grievance.” You wanna try mob violence? I am game too, just don’t bitch about the consequences.


6 Replies to “Still living Rent-Free in Rick’s head”

  1. I want them to be afraid of gun owners. “Si vis pacem, para bellum” more accurately, if you want peace, let your potential enemies know you are prepared for war.
    Gun owners just want to be left alone.

  2. Reach deep? Just look at the cheerful headlines from the last week about conservatives being assaulted and ICE employees being harassed by mobs of far left wing loonbags. After seeing some of that shit, I might go out and buy a couple Beta mags.

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