Stolen AR-15 Police Rifle: A question for the Media.

How come if an AR-15 is owned by a police department, it is only a ‘semiautomatic rifle’ but the same rifle in civilian hands is an “assault weapon”?

This is not the first time I have seen this distinction made. But somehow when we call them liars and Fake News they act if we are some sort of Nazis about to put them in front of the firing squad.

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  1. Also interesting is how they named the 17-year-old suspect, when tradition (and sometimes legal mandate) dictates they don’t identify minors except for extraordinarily heinous crimes.

    My questions:

    First, who is the officer who left his/her rifle unsecured where a child could access it, and why hasn’t he/she been disciplined, or — if applicable — arrested and charged for violation of “safe storage” laws, if any exist?

    Second, with all kinds of people posting gun pics on Instagram and other social media, what was it about this particular posting that drew their attention? The rifle is pretty generic-looking, no different on its face than millions of others, and minors are allowed to own/handle/use firearms in most places (plus, how would they know this Instagram account belongs to a minor anyway?), so what tipped police off here? What was their probable cause or reasonable articulable suspicion to check into this?

    Without context, it looks an awful lot like, “We lost a rifle, you have a rifle, you’re under arrest for stealing our rifle,” but if there’s more to it I’d really like to know. And I’d really like to know the name of the unidentified irresponsible individual who failed to secure his/her firearm.

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