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The NRA’s Sharp site had a sample of “Queen Behavior” or basically women that do not need permission by some Feminist authority to be tough & self-reliant.  Fore some reason it sent CSGV into a cuss word.

Now remember, we are the people who hate women, we want to see them dead and abused, pregnant and in the kitchen (add your own ) so the comments left me a bit perplexed (Italics are mine):

Carolanne Prusich She looks ready to murder, opposite of feminine , disgusting.
I don’t know, they look damn fine to me but I am prejudiced that way.

Denise Bober Playing to the type of women who are desperate for male attention IMO. Look at me…I am hard core. Yet wears heels. Something wrong
Dear, they get all the attention they want and have the means to say NO!

Rick Davenport Too, too much testosterone.
Rick failed biology and did not get aa dance to the prom

Frances Dorris Now I really understand the term “ammosexuals,” and presumably this is their porn.
I am still trying to figure that one out. And presumably that is suggestive photography.

And these two:

Cheryl Trivelli That top picture is very sexist. But it’s pretty much a guy club.

Ken Mosley It just goes to show that the stupid acolytes of the NRA is not a male exclusive club.
OK people, get your script together is it an exclusive male club or not?

Kimberly B Stone Ah yes. Gun porn. Usually the gun nuts don’t bother to add women except in the “snuff” context.
Said she who tapdances on the blood of people killed by criminals to advance Gun Control.

Ron Brown That bitch got some nice legs. I wish that rifle would go off and shoot her in one of them. That’s all she deserves.
More fodder for the SWATTing Club?

Gabriela Obkirchner That is so painfully stupid. Queen Behavior? What does that even mean?
If you need to ask….go drone.

Daniel Gorman If she were black the NRA would disavow her.
Because any time is a good time to Play The Race Card. 

Terri Lynn Ozburn No disrespect, but is this a male cross dresser or a female?
So she both insults women and Crosdressers in one sentence. Bravo!

Lorna Joachim … And so begins a lifetime of psychotherapy!
I am sure you are covered under Obamacare.

Larry Martin These are the type that start relationships with men in Prison. They know little about why trust is so important in a lasting relationship. The sexual attraction is just a starting point, not something to live or die for.
Their instincts:
– find someone to protect them.

– mother a boy into manhood.
– bad boy excitement .
This guy did not even bother to read the article and went straight for a Gloria Steinem mental enema.

Tom Zilembo Disgusting bitch.
At least he does not use $20 words.

And there you have it folks.  Insecurity and a bunch of comment that will not make it to the next CSGV video…. for obvious reasons.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

10 thoughts on “Strong Women make CSGV Beta Males cuss and Gamma Women seethe.”
  1. I follow some of these gun hating groups (it’s a nasty job but someone has to do it). I think the commenter’s from CSGV are some of the worst in the whole gun hater movement. Not that there aren’t nasty comments on the other sites, there are. But it seems that these people are the worst of the worst. Where does the hate come from that they want a woman with a gun to shoot herself? Or anyone to hurt themselves for that matter. I thought they were supposed to be “non-violent”.

    I think a attractive woman that can take care of herself is damn sexy. I’ve notice that most of the women that are gun haters aren’t.

      1. Imagine the ad shows a man from his chest down. A tan hard bodied man glistening with oil and with his package nicely presented in a tight fitting thong. And he’s holding a gun. He is a man’s man. He’s tough in his thong just as she is tough in her high heeled shoes. American gun owner are tough and they are sexy.

  2. An armed officer was on campus when students and teachers were shot at Columbine HS. That rampage went on for 40 minutes, so having armed persons on site does not assure swifter resolutions. There was an armed guard who exchanged gunfire with the shooter in the Orlando nightclub massacre and still dozens died.There were armed citizens in the crowd when Gabby Giffords and others were shot. Ronald Reagan was shot while surrounded by highly trained Secret Service agents as well as by police. Having guns around does not save you from being shot. We have seen that fact play out too many times. So if having guns at the ready does not save you from being shot, what is the answer? How could Ronald Reagan have been better protected? Would he have been shot if his shooter did not have a gun? Would the perp have gotten close enough to the President to stab him or club him? The answer is not rocket science. It’s just clouded by arrogance and narcissism. To march on Washington is a right guananteed by the Constitution, just like gun ownership. If I want to have a march on DC, I need to get a permit. I need to only march during specific times and in specific spaces. I need to guarantee sanitatiion and security requirements are met. I need sound permits, etc. All that expense and paperwork and hurdles just to exercise my right, a right guarnenteed under the Constitution. No right is free from regulation. We need to regulate gun owners because guns dont fire themselves. Permanently restrict gun ownership from anyone convicted of violent crimes and assault. Permanenty restrict gun ownership from people who have attempted suicide. Permanently restrict gun ownership from people diagnosed with mental health disease who tend toward anger or violent acts. Require appropriate gun locks/storage in all homes when children are present, even as visitors. Prosecute owners found not in compliance with these storage laws. Mandate reporting to authorities of all guns that are stolen. Mandate that all gun purchases and transfers, regardless of how and where they take place, go thru background checks. Make very gun owner legally and finacially responsible for every bullet that leaves their guns regardless of who pulls the trigger. Let’s put responsibility in gun ownership and bankrupt/throw away the keys on those who break the laws.

    1. “gun control can’t be solved because Democrats are using guns to kill each other whereas Republicans are using guns to defend against Democrats.”
      -Scott Adams

      “Democrats are unlikely to talk Republicans out of gun ownership because it comes off as ‘Put down your gun so I can shoot you.’”
      -Scott Adams

      If we really want to stop the violence epidemic in the US, we shouldn’t regulate guns. Automobiles kill more people each year than firearms do, there are fewer of them, and they’re more heavily regulated. Obeisity kills more people in the US than guns do world-wide, and based on your Tumblrite handle, you probably consider this sentence fat-shaming. (Which is a hate crime and worse than murder, according to modern Feminism. Unless it’s directed at a man, of course. Then it’s the man’s fault for being fat-shamed.)

      Literally nothing else in window-licking your wall-of-text of a miserably brain-dead diatribe is worth responding to, because it’s all been debunked. Repeatedly. Frankly I’m surprised you’re able to breathe without being told to by your lords-and-masters in the liberal media.

      Frankly, you owe a formal apology to the electrons which you so greatly inconvenienced for the sake of inflicting such raw and unfiltered stupidity onto the world yet again, because the energy states they had to transition in order to support your screed are clearly more than your entire life ever will be.

      1. In the US, when comparing apples to apples, cars, buses, trucks, taxis, and motorcycles are driven millions of more hours per week than Americans actively fire there weapons. Yet cars and gun deaths are about equal. And in some states, guns kill more people than car accidents. So guns are far more deadly than vehicles. Car deaths have plummeted in the US afer we changed drunk driving laws to include harsher regulations and penalties. We also mandated better education and re-education. We can do the same thing with guns. Like I said in my previous comment, no guaranteed right under the Constitution is free from regulation. You can’t even vote, our most prized right, without being registered. To deny that we have agun problem is absurd. Most gun deaths (2/3) are not gang shootings, or defensive shootings or drug related. Most are suicides. Less than 1% of all gun deaths on avg are attributed to self protection and half of those resulted from arguments that escalaled out of control. That speaks to the irresponsibility of the every day American gun owner. Average Joe gun owners leave more Americans dead than do thugs and gangs. Nine US women are shot dead on average in the US each week by their partners or ex partners. What can we do to regulate drunk, jealous, angry, and depressed American gun owners? What can we do to regulate gun owners who leave their around so others can use them to accidently or purposefully hurt themselves and others? Of couse these people have no clue that they are the major cause of gun deaths in the US. They think they are “responsible gun owners” until it is too late. Igornance and narcissism are what feeds American guns deaths because gun owners are too obessed at pointing their fingers at others when they should be pointing it at themselves.

        And this is not a dem vs rep things. This is a intregrity, an honor, a morality issue. Who is brave enough to ensure that all lives are saved from the violence and stupidity of others? Which is the bigger threat to you? A thief breaking into your home or your gun owning neighbor? In the US, it’s yor neighbor because we don’t require gun owners to be responsible. How many accidental shootings go without prosecution? How many of our cirminal gun deaths are domestic shootings?

        As to your disparagments of me, you should stay clear. Your words feed into the whole gun owner are uneducated stupid hicks mantra, which I am hoping your are not. You are better than that. DO better.

        1. This is a intregrity, an honor, a morality issue.
          Tall order, let’s see how you fare.

          Who is brave enough to ensure that all lives are saved from the violence and stupidity of others?
          And you already failed the integrity-honor-morality thing. If you are trying to state that gun control (or any ther magical thinking protocol) will stop all violence, you are either deluded or bullshiting everybody. I vote for BSing.

          Which is the bigger threat to you? A thief breaking into your home or your gun owning neighbor?
          I am the threat to the thief. And hopefully my armed neighbor is also a threat.

          In the US, it’s yor neighbor because we don’t require gun owners to be responsible.
          With one in three homes having firearms (including your neighbors), you should immediately seek shelter underground. There must be a million deaths by guns a year, right? No? But how come?

          How many accidental shootings go without prosecution?
          So, if you cut yourself accidentally, you should be charged with Aggravated Assault or shall we have you commited to a mental institutionfor attempting a suicide? See? It is that stupid.

          How many of our cirminal gun deaths are domestic shootings?

          The FBI does not carry that statistic that I was able to see in their UCR. Florida Department of Law Enforcement does carry murder by Domestic circumstances but it is not divided by sex or type of weapon. Extrapolating the total homicides by firearm to Domestics only, you get about 58 murders for Domestic Spousal & Cohabitant from a pool on 1,040 murders in 2014. That would be 5.6 % of the total murders for the State of Florida in 2014.
          See? This is how you make a case, not with slogans and fake claims of “caring.”

          As to your disparagments of me, you should stay clear. Your words feed into the whole gun owner are uneducated stupid hicks mantra, which I am hoping your are not. You are better than that. DO better.

          I’ll concede this point. You do not need help making yourself look stupid. You are doing an excellent job. Keep at it!

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