With the Middle Tennessee Snowpocalypse 2022 scheduled for tomorrow, the missus and I went to the local Wally World to get a very few staples that we usually run out at this time of the week. One of the items was 1% milk for MiL (we do the 2% since I started dieting) and it was my job to go get a gallon. When I go to the dairy section, there were 4 half gallons of 1% left at the back of the top rack , set way in the back. I had to use my cane to hook two and bring them to the cart. The rest of the shelves was devoid of any 1% of any brand.

That on itself is not weird yet. People was showing up and looking frustrated that no more 1% was available and some directed inquiries to the Wally World personnel that was wandering in the nearby aisles. That was weird, and only because there was almost a full complement of 2% milk and Whole milk in the rest of the refrigerated shelves of the dairy section.  If there is truly an emergency, you grab what you can, and I don’t really think you are going to dies for drinking 2% milk for a week. And is snow really gets bad, your diest is gonna suffer anyway ’cause you are going to be home razing over whatever sweets were left over from Christmas while binge-watching Joe Millionaire reruns.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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9 thoughts on “Stuff I don’t get.”
  1. People are wierd…. When we have snow coming here they do the same thing. Act like its the end of the world .. I cant stand 1% milk! Its like water with some white food coloring…. Heh heh

  2. Hoarding.

    Likely, they did not really need the 1%. They probably had enough to get by for a few days. But, they needed to get more, just in case the supply ran out.

    Got a neighbor like that. Really likes this organic fat free milk, specific brand. Every time there is even the remotest bad weather on the way, they ask us to pick up a half or whole gallon so they have a security blanket of their favorite.

    If you were to ask any of the people requesting 1% milk how much they had in their fridge, they would likely admit they had plenty for the next few days.

  3. Ahh the classic zomg snow! Better rush to the store to buy two gallons of milk, 2 dozen eggs, and four loaves of bread so I can throw it all out in a week or two when I don’t use any of it!

    Day before any impending storm its always like that.

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