Stupid Pants

Yesterday #EvolveTheDefinition was trending on Twitter.

It turns out to me a marketing ploy for a menswear company called Bonobos.

They are actually trying to sell men’s clothes with social justice, which I have a feeling will go over just about as well as you can imagine.

So just for shits and giggles I headed over to the Bonobos website and took a look at their jeans.

They don’t make one pair of jeans that do not contain spandex.

Maybe I’m just too damn toxic, but how does one work in skinny jeans that contain spandex?

I buy my jeans at a store called Tractor Supply, and like the original jeans, are intended to be very durable work pants.

Bonobos evolved the definition of jeans into a pathetically weak item that sort of looks like it is meant to handle hard work but really will be ruined if you don’t run them through the washing machine on delicate.

Now they need to #EvolveTheDefinition of masculine in the same direction to make men that fit their jeans.

8 Replies to “Stupid Pants”

  1. This does kind of make sense- there’s a good bit of overlap between Virtue Signaling people and Conspicuous Consumption people.
    The point either way is to signal “look at me! I’m better than you are!”

  2. Low durability clothing is a plus for the maker … it helps assure you’ll continue to buy new stuff for the new season. At least “pre-torn” hasn’t made it back into fashion yet.

    When I lived in Illinois I shopped at Farm&Fleet. Good jeans, and also where I learned about Carhartt.

  3. Round house jeans. Made in America and good heavy durable denim. Very reasonably priced.

    Lucky brand (some of them) are also made in America but sadly they are fashion jeans and use lighter weight denim the wears out after 1 year of office use for me.

  4. WOW. Went to the website, and was compelled to e mail the seller using their on site form. As stated therein- Tractor Supply continues to look really good.

  5. I just looked up the definition of Bonobos. It is a subspecies of Chimpanzee that has a female dominated society and the males engage in homosexual behavior.

  6. I used to buy carpenter jeans at Goodwill brand new 12$ then one day they switched to the faux male skinny jeans. Lucky for me i work for a company that supplies uniforms- black dickies pants. I havent bought jeans in 5 yeARS

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