As if the whole cluster in Loudoun County couldn’t get worse…

Virginia law requires public schools to report specifically named serious crimes.

Rape is obviously a serious crime on that list.

But the Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) has refused to report those. They have a clean record.

Unbelievable… – Nobody Asked Me… (

Father wants to address the school board and other parents about how his daughter’s rape in school was hid from the public and the law and gets arrested for his efforts. The school transferred the rapist to another school where he repeated his performance with yet another victim

Does hiding crime in schools sound vaguely familiar? You may remember another school angel whose criminal actions were constantly whitewashed by the school, system and the resource officers so the school wouldn’t have bad reputation. Unfortunately, little angel finally met somebody who stood against his criminal behavior and now is worm food.

Good old Trayvon Martin.

And after raping two girls, I hope the youthful sex offender meets a similar fate soon.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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14 thoughts on “Suppressing criminal reporting for fun and profit?”
  1. The Parkland murderer’s “antics” were also minimized.

    I just read that he’ll be pleading guilty to 17 counts of first degree murder. Additionally, FL will be seeking the death penalty. I suspect that some of the parents would vie to push the button.

    1. Was just thinking of that A-hole as another perfect example of how the schools are screwing up society.

      IF it is happening for a few high level crimes, imagine what is really going on with simple assaults, bullying, sexual misconduct, etc… etc… etc…

      1. Every day. Students attack teachers, staff, and each other. Students get nothing, but if it involves a teacher or staff member, that person gets fired.
        Stealing, drugs, and more seldom result in charges. Why? Because school funding gets decreased if students are getting arrested.

  2. This crap was going on in my school in the early 80s. The school came out and said they would NOT contact the police if and when it happened.

  3. Now, IANAL, I do not play a lawyer on TV, and I did not stay in a Holiday Express last night, *BUT*!, if Virginia’s child protection statutes are like Un-Named Fly Over State’s, there is this thing called “required reporters”, wherein specific folks, including teachers, are required to report actual or suspected abuse or neglect.

    Now, it would certainly be a d*ck move, but, what if somebody dimed out every member of the school staff, individually, and then the school board, to the Child Protective Services bureaucracy, as well as every board holding the license that such a person might have? (law, teaching, nursing, real estate, etcetera)

    And, in the event that nothing got done (as if THAT was unlikely), drop a RICO dime federally?

    And, in the event that nothing got done (as if THAT was unlikely), initiate a RICO lawsuit against every SOB, individually, in the district, alleging conspiracy to deprive your daughter of her civil rights to, among other things, due process protection from her assailant?

    As manifested by the serial, ongoing, failures to protect this child for whom you, by your own estimation, school board member, stand in loco parentis?

    Scorch the earth. Burn the debris. Salt the ground.

  4. The civilian version of Gen Mattis’ admonition:

    “I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.”

  5. From my reading, I believe that, in Virginia, like in PA, teachers and administrators are “mandatory reporters.” I hope the parents sue the school, the school district, and the school board, but I also hope they sue the principal, and every member of the school board individually, If the laws and insurance coverage are written like they are in PA, the insurance policy won’t cover criminal actions, and they won’t be covered by qualified immunity, either. They can’t undo the damage to their daughters, but they should be able to leave the irresponsible adults broke, if not in prison.

    1. They are mandated reporters. That doesn’t mean what you are implying, however. All that is required is that they report it to law enforcement. There is likely an SRO who is aware of the crime. Report complete, so no crime.

      Mandated reporter doesn’t mean reporting it to the public. That is a different law, the public records law, and there is likely not a right to private action under that law, nor is violating that law a crime.

      1. Agree. But there may be a “neglect of duty” hook to hang them on.

        I will let others imagine from what body part, and for how long.

  6. Pkoning,

    They probably learned it at seminars from the National School Board Association, who learned it from their highly paid lawyers the NSBA has on retainer at the Very Well Respected Law Firm that researched the laws to determine the loopholes and exemptions and how to apply them.

    Bureacrats cover things up. Troublemakers end up with bad publiccity, more work, and most of all, SHORT Careers. If the Superintendents and Principals honestly reported crime in their schools, do you think they will get that big promotion to the next bigger school, and the increased salary and benefits that come with it? We are talking quarter million and half million dollar salaries, with very generous benefits in larger school districts.

    They play the game, they cut a few corners. For some it pays off well. All they have to do is betray their children and dirty their souls.

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